Historic Azorius Auras – Deck Highlight

Historic Azorius Auras by Sam Beaulieu


Sam Beaulieu won the 5k Insight Esports tournament last weekend with this Azorius Auras deck.

If you have been paying attention to the Historic Power Rankings, I started slowly moving this deck up after losing to it in the Strixhaven Championship when it hit me how much more it made sense to go back to blue instead of playing Orzhov.


BrainstormDead WeightMire's Grasp

Discard spells are at their worst at the moment thanks to Brainstorm being so popular and cards like Dead Weight or Mire’s Grasp don’t look very hot either.


Spell PierceDovin's Veto (Timeshifted)

On the other hand, Spell Pierce seems great in a format dominated by Steam Vents decks and you even have access to a playset of Dovin’s Vetos out of the sideboard against the combo decks.

The only downside is having a slightly worse mana base because Azorius doesn’t have a “fastland” on Magic Arena, so whereas Orzhov has Concealed Courtyard, you have to play more basics instead. It should still be more than good enough to support both colors without any big issues though.

The sideboard could probably use a few more Heliod’s Punishments if this deck becomes very popular, but other than that, I quite like this list.



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