Hero’s Downfall is Back in Standard! – Preview Highlight

I’m finally reunited with Hero’s Downfall and it feels so good.




Hero’s Downfall was one of the most popular cards back in Return to Ravnica/Theros Standard, which was largely dominated by Mono-Blue and Mono-Black Devotion strategies. It was a consistent player in the Mono-Black deck. Sphinx’s Revelation control decks were one of the top decks as well as some Gruul strategies with Domri Rade.

Some of the control decks were straight Azorius while others featured black as well to gain access to Hero’s Downfall. Hero’s Downfall provides something that can be hard to come by, which is an instant, all-purpose answer to both creatures and planeswalkers without a drawback.

The real question is how Hero’s Downfall slots into the current metagame. It’s a great card against Mono-Green, as it’s able to kill Wrenn and Seven, Esika’s Chariot and any of the annoyingly large creatures the deck has. It’s a bit weak against iterations that are playing Snakeskin Veil though just because three mana is a relatively high cost for a removal spell.

The biggest worry I have for Hero’s Downfall is its weakness against the Izzet Epiphany deck. Sure, sometimes they have Smoldering Egg(s) or maybe a Goldspan Dragon or two. And, in general, removal is much more serviceable against the Izzet Dragons deck. However, against Izzet Epiphany, removal is close to a dead card in a matchup where you simply can’t afford to not give it everything you’ve got.

Overall, I hope that Hero’s Downfall sees play, and frankly a lot of it. I think this kind of card being a specifically good answer to opposing permanents makes for fun and interactive games and a healthy environment. Black is pretty underrepresented right now and largely just seen as the third color in Grixis Epiphany, but maybe there will be enough power in the new set to change that.


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