Heliod’s Back! MTG Modern Boros Heliod Video Deck Guide

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After a long hiatus, Modern’s top deck is back with a vengeance, as classic Heliod combo splashes red for Ragavan and more!

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2 thoughts on “Heliod’s Back! MTG Modern Boros Heliod Video Deck Guide”

  1. I wanted to throw my two cents in on the new deck tech format. Overall, I like the video version of the deck tech more, but I would like to see a written aspect to the deck tech along with it for after the video. Like a typed out deck list (to make it easy to see what’s in the list/compare it to my collection) along with the mentioned sideboard tech for certain matchups. Otherwise, I really like the video format because it allows me to do other things while still enjoying this form of media.

  2. I do prefer a written deck guide over a pure video.

    I agree with Michael the decklist should be available here so I don’t have to copy it card for card from the video.
    The idea to have the sideboard guide in written form seems reasonable, as this will be the most important info to get from the article (and to export/print).

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