Hate on Graveyards with Keyword Tribal Rayami – EDH Showcase

Some players love to go super deep on the graveyard. We’ve even covered decks as part of this column that seek to exploit graveyard synergies, and it’s rare to come across an EDH list that doesn’t, in some way, use cards in the ‘yard as a resource of some kind. Well, Hollow_Dylan has had enough of this graveyard-based nonsense, and sent in a deck designed to stop that sort of thing in its tracks. Rayami, First of the Fallen has a built-in graveyard hate mechanism that stops any creature-based strategy playing from the ‘yard – but, happily, can still go off even if opponents aren’t looking to reanimate things or self-mill or do anything else like that. This deck is filled with ways to juice up Rayami, and eventually win with a Voltron-like commander that has every keyword under the sun. 




Rayami EDH by Hollow_Dylan

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Rayami can pick up no fewer than 13 keyword abilities, and this deck can give it just about all of them. From across the Sultai colors, there’s a huge array of powerful creatures that – when they die – power up Rayami to make it a bigger threat than before. But the best part is most of these creatures provide more than one ability: Kefnet the Mindful provides flying and indestructible, Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider provides trample and haste, Leyline Prowler provides lifelink and deathtouch, while Questing Beast provides… look, honestly, I don’t know, I’ve been meaning to get around to reading Questing Beast’s text box but haven’t had the time, I’ve been so busy recently, you know how it is.

High MarketCulling DaisEvolutionary Leap (Timeshifted)Bontu the Glorified

EDH decks that are rigidly focused on their commander can be a little fragile at times, so it’s good to see that the creature suite is filled with robust, generically powerful cards that stand on their own, rather than just being enablers for Rayami. But, assuming you’re ready to sacrifice them for fun, profit and a bunch of keywords, there are plenty of ways to do that. From High Market to Culling Dais to Evolutionary Leap, you can sacrifice creatures quickly and often – and that’s not including cards like Bontu the Glorified, which is a sac outlet that also provides keywords for Rayami!

Hagra Mauling // Hagra BroodpitBinding the Old GodsDamnationCrux of Fate

Don’t forget that Rayami also benefits from opposing keyworded creatures that die, either – and just as there are sac outlets for our creatures, there are plenty of removal spells for the opponents’. The Sultai colors have no shortage of efficient removal, and this list plays everything from point removal like Hagra Mauling and Binding the Old Gods to sweepers like Damnation and Crux of Fate. If you want something dead, it’s not hard to find a way. 

Rogue's PassageBlackblade Reforged

But let’s assume you’ve jacked up Rayami with all these keywords and you’re ready to get the job done and finish the game. If trample or flying aren’t enough to get through, there’s Rogue’s Passage to render blockers irrelevant, and Blackblade Reforged to have Rayami hit hard enough to close things out much quicker. All this in addition to hamstringing the opponents’ graveyards, just by playing your commander!

If you’d like to submit a deck such as this to be featured, please do! Decks of all kinds are welcome, but I’d love to see lists that people are cooking up with new Kamigawa cards, so if you’ve got one send it my way via a DM on Twitter.


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