Grixis Death’s Shadow Comes to Legacy!


Legacy Grixis Death's Shadow



Grixis Death’s Shadow is one of the best decks in Modern. We’re used to seeing these colors aggressively fetch for untapped shocklands in order to get below 13 life to play the biggest one-mana creature.

We haven’t quite seen that in Legacy recently, and while UB Death’s Shadow used to be a popular deck many years ago, it hasn’t kept up with UR Delver and other Delver of Secrets shells in recent years.

However, at the 4 Seasons Tournament in Bologna a couple of weeks ago, Marco Pescatori managed to finish first in Swiss, out of 393 players, with Grixis Death’s Shadow!

Death's ShadowLedger ShredderSnuff Out

Just a couple of dual lands in Underground Sea and Volcanic Island and four shocklands to make sure your life total gets safely below 13, as well as two copies of Snuff Out and four Thoughtseize to work towards your plan.

Marco added three copies of Ledger Shredder, a new card to Legacy that doesn’t show up as much as it does in Modern, but has certainly had a big impact in his deck since it meant cutting down to two Expressive Iteration, a card that many people would consider ban-worthy in this format!

Murktide Regent tops the curve of this deck, which very much resembles UR Delver but with a spicy splash of black for powerful interaction as well as four Death’s Shadow!


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