Green Devotion with Fate Reforged‘s Whisperwood Elemental

The exact moment I saw Whisperwood Elemental I knew it was a breakable card. I mean just look at him: he’s completely ridiculous.

Mono-Green Devotion seems like the most natural shell for this guy as he can come down as early as turn three, and with Nykthos you can unmorph almost anything you were to manifest. It’s also worth noting his sacrifice ability is highly relevant against the soon-to-be popular Crux of Fate.

Perhaps the most controversial inclusion here is Whisperer of the Wilds over Sylvan Caryatid.

He isn’t a straight upgrade by any means, so there’s room for discussion as to which one is the best in this deck, but for now I’m deferring to the Whisperer for its ability to make more mana faster and power out Hornet Queens.

Shamanic Revelation means there’s a good chance you have more spells than you know what to do with so extra mana is attractive.


It’s also worth noting that since the Caryatid has hexproof, it appears as if it makes your deck better against people trying to burn your mana guys, but in reality you still have Voyaging Satyr and Elvish Mystic which people will be attacking anyway, so the hexproof is marginal.

If you haven’t seen the interaction between Hooded Hydra and manifest you’re in for a real treat. If you luck out and manifest a Hooded Hydra then you can simply unmorph it for i’s cost: XGG, a.k.a. GG and it has five +1/+1 counters on it. So two mana to unmorph a 5/5 that’s great against removal. You can also use Nykthos to hard-cast Hooded Hydra for 10, and even give it trample with Nylea. This deck can make very large amounts of mana relatively quickly with the combo of Voyaging Satyr and Nykthos.

Shamanic Revelation popped out to me as well. It combos very nicely with Whisperwood Elemental and Hornet Queen. You make large amounts of different creatures the deck just feels naturally powerful. Cheap mana to make fast threats that are good against removal and card draw to top it off. If you liked Sphinx’s Revelation then get ready for Shamanic Revelation, it’s well within the realm of possibility that you cast this card and gain 8 life and draw 8 cards.

There’s no real synergy between manifest and Hornet Queen, but both cards are so great that you just play them anyway and ignore the possible downsides or lack of synergy.

Until next time, enjoy unmorphing and monstrifying those Polukranoses!

Owen Turtenwald
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