Greasefang Combo Comes to Explorer!


Explorer Greasefang Combo by Adam Cohen




This Greasefang combo deck that has been making some waves in Historic and Pioneer seems like it’s playable in very much the same form in Explorer as well. This list proposed by Adam Cohen is simple, yet effective. The goal is to put Parhelion II in the graveyard and use Greasefang, Okiba Boss to bring it back, crew and immediately attack for a big profit. 

Greasefang, Okiba BossParhelion IIStitcher's SupplierVoldaren Epicure

Faithless Looting, which is legal in Historic, gets replaced by Stitcher’s Supplier and Voldaren Epicure, which combine well with Deadly Dispute to help you find the combo. Fable of the Mirror-Breaker is yet another new addition that digs deeper into your deck and gets you some additional value.

Depending on how the metagame shapes up in Explorer, it might be better to replace some of the removal spells in the main with a full playset of Thoughtseize to help you clear the way for the combo, but other than that, this list seems great to me.


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