Grand Prix Oakland Special Announcements

2015 has been an incredible year for Magic: the Gathering and Organized Play with record-breaking numbers in sales, Grand Prix attendance, and WPN-sanctioned events! More people are playing more Magic in more places than ever before and 2016 should continue this trend. We at ChannelFireball are proud to have been a part of this growth in 2015, and we’re looking for more ways to continue to improve in 2016 and beyond.

Today, I have a few exciting announcements about Grand Prix Oakland. The first two are a direct result of feedback we’ve received from the community and the third is something so cool that I can’t believe it’s actually happening! Let’s get to it.

Live Coverage of Grand Prix Oakland on Twitch.tv

The ChannelFireball coverage team has been working hard over the last several years to create an exemplary event coverage experience. We feel that we’re getting pretty close, but we can always use more feedback from you. For GP Oakland, we lined up an all-star commentary crew: Luis Scott-Vargas, Marshall Sutcliffe, and William “Huey” Jensen! In addition, we’ve invited Athena Huey (twitch.tv/elantris) to produce featured content between rounds. We’re excited for this broadcast, so if you can’t make it to Oakland, please join us on January 9th at 9:30 a.m. PST at www.twitch.tv/channelfireball.

Introducing 25,000 Prize Tix Showdown Events

A Grand Prix is more than just a two-day Magic tournament. It is a three-day celebration of the game we all love to play. With that in mind, we’ve expanded our side event offerings to appeal to more groups of players. One piece of feedback we hear repeatedly is that there is not enough support for their favorite format at the Grand Prix. We created the Showdown Series to address this issue. At each of ChannelFireball’s seven Grand Prix in 2016, we’ll offer two Showdown events featuring formats other than the Grand Prix format. Showdown events will have a guaranteed prize pool of 25,000 Prize Tix, will be capped at 226 entries, and all players that enter the event will receive the Grand Prix playmat and Grand Prix promo Stoneforge Mystic! For Grand Prix Oakland, the Grand Prix format is Standard, so the Showdown schedule looks like this:

Modern Showdown – Friday @ 11:00 a.m.

Legacy Showdown – Saturday @ 11:00 a.m.

If Constructed isn’t your thing, we have you covered. The Super Sunday Series Qualifier will take place on Sunday @ 9:00 a.m. and feature Battle for Zendikar Sealed Deck. In addition to the chance to win a seat into the $20,000 Super Sunday Series Championship, the SSSQ will offer a guaranteed prize pool of 25,000 Prize Tix, have a cap of 409 entries, and offer the Grand Prix playmat and Grand Prix promo Stoneforge Mystic to all players that enter. Please visit www.GPOakland.com for the full event schedule for Grand Prix Oakland. Preregister for the 25,000 Prize Tix Showdown events and the Super Sunday Series Qualifier today!

Oath of the Gatewatch Two-Headed Giant “World Premiere”!


On Sunday afternoon, exclusively at Grand Prix Oakland, 16 two-player teams will have the unique opportunity to play Oath of the Gatewatch one week before the the prerelease. I told you this was unbelievably cool!

How do you play in this one-of-a-kind event? Your team must win a seat in one of the five Oath of the Gatewatch 2HG “World Premiere Qualifiers” held throughout the weekend at GP Oakland. In addition to our usual prize support, each team that has a 5-0 record in a qualifier will receive free entry into the OGW 2HG “World Premiere” on Sunday afternoon.

In order for everyone to be a part of this historic event, ChannelFireball will be broadcasting parts of the “World Premiere” event LIVE following the Top 8 of Grand Prix Oakland. As if this event needed any more excitement, 3 of the 16 teams will be specially invited “celebrity” teams that we feel will work really well together. Our first “celebrity” team:

Luis Scott-Vargas and Paul Cheon


Grand Prix Oakland is shaping up to be a great start to what should be another record-breaking year for Magic: the Gathering. Remember, the best way to let us know what you want is to give us your feedback, which you can do by emailing [email protected]!

I hope to see you all in Oakland or at another one of our Grand Prix in 2016!

Jon Saso


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