#GPVegas Modern Masters 2015 Sealed Practice

The Pool







Artifacts and Colorless


My Build

The first thing I always do with a Sealed Pool is separate out all the playables for each color and the draws to actually play the color—the cards that stand out above the rest and add significant win percentage to a deck on their own. Looking at those piles for this pool, I immediately dismissed red and black as main colors, as they were both shallow and had no cards that were begging to be played.

That still left 4 colors. Artifacts, with affinity and metalcraft, very much strikes me as like a color, where you really have to commit to playing almost all of the artifacts for most of them to be worth playing. In this pool, I could see playing Rusted Relic and Myr Enforcer if I were going to play a lot of the artifacts anyway, but they aren’t powerful enough to make me go much out of the way to include them.

I see two viable color pairs for this pool: Green and blue, thanks to the five powerful gold cards, and white and artifacts thanks to the synergy of the white creatures with all of the equipment. I like the green/blue deck more thanks to the fact that its cards stand on their own better—the white deck is pretty susceptible to removal spells breaking up its equipment synergies and tempo blowouts.

Green and blue offer a comparable power level, with a similarly low aggressive curve, but with more resiliency and excellent finishers. The deck is fairly single-minded in that it is mostly just large creatures and very little interaction, and that’s definitely a weakness, but I think the deck is good enough at its game plan to make that problem acceptable.

Once settled on green/blue, the biggest decisions in terms of specific cards in my mind were how many bouncelands to play and whether or not to splash. I chose to play all of the bouncelands because of how well the deck uses extra mana between the kicker cards and Chimeric Mass. They are a little at odds with wanting to curve out with aggressive 2- and 3-drops, but I think they justify sacrificing some tempo for the power they bring to longer games and improving land-light draws. They are basically +1 card (well, land) for one mana (from coming into play tapped), and that is an incredible rate that I want as much of as I can afford. They get worse in multiples, so I could see playing fewer than 4, but I would rather draw 2 (and a basic) than 0. They are that good.

Once I’m playing the 4 bouncelands, it looks like I could splash fairly easily since I already have 2 free red sources and 1 each of white and black. While there are cards in each color I would like to play, I don’t think the deck can afford any basic lands other than Forests and Islands since it wants triple-green and double-blue.

That also kept me from exploring 3-color decks, as much as I would love to be able to play the Drooling Groodions. None of the splash considerations are worth playing off of just 2 sources. Lightning Bolt is obviously fantastic but it makes a pretty bad late game splash card as it doesn’t have a game-winning impact when you can finally cast it on turn 10.

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