GP Portland Interviews

9 thoughts on “GP Portland Interviews”

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  2. TSG’s interview with Web was longer than his interview with LSV. Remember it kids, its not gonna happen again.

  3. Artifact lands are not coming back. They were banned in standard, so they have no reason to reprint artifact lands.

  4. I think everyone is undervaluing Venser. OBVIOUSLY it’s not as great as the other two, but I think it will have a good deck where all of the cards (more or less) replace themselves, and a deck that just runs a lot of answers where it can exist and run fine without Venser, but it becomes ridiculous when he resolves.

  5. I like this series, but you need to buy a second microphone so that TSG doesn’t have to keep moving his arm back and forth. I hate when he is pointing it at the person who is not talking.

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