Goodbye Jaspera Sentinel! Ascendant Packleader in Mono-Green



Ascendant Packleader should be a nice replacement for Jaspera Sentinel in Standard Mono-Green. For me, Sentinel was always in the deck only because you needed to get on board quickly and there was just nothing better to play. If you’re playing an aggro deck, you just can’t start with your first play being on turn two. Sentinel was never great, but at least it allowed you to play Chariot on turn three or Wrenn and Seven on turn four, which was decent. On the other hand, having to tap another creature to its ability to make mana means you are missing attacks, which is not something you want to do when playing aggro.




3 Kazandu Mammoth (ZNR) 189
4 Sculptor of Winter (KHM) 193
4 Old-Growth Troll (KHM) 185
4 Werewolf Pack Leader (AFR) 211
4 Blizzard Brawl (KHM) 162
4 Esika's Chariot (KHM) 169
4 Ranger Class (AFR) 202
4 Faceless Haven (KHM) 255
20 Snow-Covered Forest (KHM) 285
2 Wrenn and Seven (MID) 208
2 Ulvenwald Oddity
4 Ascendant Packleader
1 Inscription of Abundance (ZNR) 186

3 Inscription of Abundance (ZNR) 186
2 Outland Liberator (MID) 190
2 Snakeskin Veil (STA) 57
1 Storm the Festival (MID) 200
1 Froghemoth (AFR) 184
2 Wrenn and Seven (MID) 208
1 Clear Shot (MID) 176
2 Choose Your Weapon (AFR) 175


Ascendant Packleader (by the way – how weird is it that it’s spelled Packleader while we also have Werewolf Pack Leader?) is going to be better at attacking and pressuring the opponent and it if you can ever get it to three power with an Esika’s Chariot, Ulvenwald Oddity or Wrenn, then you get a three power creature for one mana, which is an insane deal for a Standard creature. 

The fact that you can lead with a two power creature on turn one also makes your Werewolf Pack Leader better because it’s more likely you’ll get to trigger its ability and draw a card when attacking.

I’m not sure about the position of Wrenn and Seven in this deck anymore. It was pretty good early on in a smaller five-set format with a lot of weak cards. But the more better and faster cards get added into Standard, I think there’s a good chance it will get moved over into the sideboard, but we’ll see what else gets spoiled. 

Either way, it looks like Mono-Green might get a nice boost from the new set and should definitely stay at the top of the metagame. 



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