Going Mad With Modern Fury Rhinos – Deck Highlight


Modern Fury Rhinos by GiglioMTG, D00mwake, and Auterhaus



This new and innovative take on Temur Rhinos is from the collaborative effort of MTGO users and Twitch Streamers GiglioMTG, D00mwake, and Auterhaus, which I’ve dubbed “Fury Rhinos.”


FuryPrismari Command

Both Fury and Prismari Command are excellent tools in the current Modern metagame, and feel much better positioned than the Cryptic Command, Subtlety and Jace, the Mind Sculptor that they replace. 

Overall, there’s a lot about this take that I appreciate and I like this version a lot. I would recommend this list as the best Rhinos/Temur Cascade variant going forward into the coming weeks. If you’re looking for a new take on a popular deck, gives this a shot!



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