Go Fast in Historic with Mono-Red Aggro!


Historic Mono-Red Aggro by DazeRyuken




For today, I decided to highlight this Mono-Red Aggro deck played by DazeRyuken (built by Moctzal) to a 7-1 finish on Day 1 and a 6-2 finish on Day 2 of the Historic Arena Open, which was good enough for a nice $1000 payday. 

Kumano Faces Kakkazan // Etching of KumanoRobber of the RichLight Up the Stage

The most important part of every aggressive red deck are good one-drops, which this deck has plenty of. I would like to see a few more two-drop creatures to fully take advantage of the second chapter of Kumano Faces Kakkazan, perhaps replacing a few copies of either Bonecrusher Giant or Goblin Chainwhirler with Robber of the Rich

Light Up the Stage is the glue that holds a deck like this together and there are plenty of burns spells to finish your opponent with. If you’re making any changes to this list, make sure to keep the mana curve as low as possible so you can take full advantage of Light Up the Stage and double-spell as often as possible.

With four Ramunap Ruins and four Den of the Bugbear, you should very rarely get flooded, which is also a big strength of a successful aggressive deck.

The name of the game is speed, so don’t hesitate for a second to mulligan slow openers for something faster. 


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