Go Aggro with Alchemy Mono-Red Burn!

Alchemy Mono-Red Burn by Zeb Olsen




I was wondering how to build a different version of mono-red than Dragons and came across this list from Zeb Olsen. Alchemy Mono-Red Burn is really half burn, half aggro, this deck is looking to kill the opponent quickly while controlling their board with removal that you can also use to go face against decks with no creatures.

Roil EruptionIgneous InspirationFlame Channeler // Embodiment of Flame

While that can be a huge upside against a deck like Azorius Control, at the same time it can be liability when you play against Dragons with all four-toughness creatures and you’re looking at Roil Eruptions and Igneous Inspirations in your hand. 

What I do like about the deck is Flame Channeler, which I think is secretly one of the best cards that’s not seeing much play at the moment. It does require your deck to be filled with a lot of burn spell, which this deck does nicely. Channeler can easily win you a game on its own because every burn spell you play translates into another free card.

Toralf’s Disciple is one of my favorite cards from Alchemy because playing with Lightning Bolts in Standard feels kinda cool and it also brings back some nice old memories. 

In sideboard, I would recommend changing Heated Debate to Brittle Blast and adding a few more good cards against control, like additional copies of Chandra, Dressed to Kill, but otherwise this deck looks cool and is also quite decent if you are looking for something a little off-meta.


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