43 thoughts on “New Phyrexia Visual Spoiler!”

  1. yea torpor orb… single handedly ending primeval titan… Though i guess it’ll make them board artifact hate a lot harder, but then again they could just cast beast within 🙂

  2. So…no green planeswalker in the block? Am I missing something?
    I thought the anti-poison chick would turn out to be the green planeswalker. Oh well.
    There’s also no infected platinum angel but I guess they got the colossus already.
    Lot’s of legendaries. Got slapped by surprise when the R/W legendary dude popped up! Take that Glissa.

  3. @justsomedude

    Meleria is a infect platinum angel. You cant be infected with her on the table.

  4. Terribly disappointing with the new Sword and how they couldn’t figure out anything other than damage and life gain for the effects.

  5. Beast Within coupled with Acidic Slime and Goblin Ruinblaster makes landkill viable. Turn 1 Birds, Turn 2 Beast Within target a land, Turn 3 Goblin Ruinblaster kicked, Turn 4 Acidic Slime, Turn 5 Primeval Titan, Turn 6 Destructive Force. Throw Urabrask in there some time before Primeval TItan to go get 2 Tectonic Edge with a hasty swing. Sounds good to me.

  6. @ everyone bashing the new sword: you obviously dont get how good pro red/white is. they couldnt have made it do anything too ridiculous on top of that

  7. Pro RW sword would be good w/o any other abilities.
    I <3 Mental Misstep – the face of Legacy is about to change.

  8. Nice. Not only has Channelfireball defeated starcity with better writers, now they beat salvation with faster spoilers.

  9. How is this new phyrexia, there are barely any infect cards in this set? no mythics, 1 rare? This sets is worse than scars for infect. seems like infect will never make it in the standard environment? But then again, no need for infect when a plain is already conquered I guess. Still disappointing, would have liked infect to replace boros as the aggro deck of choice in the future.

  10. The spoiler stops at puresteel paladin for me. Is anybody else having this problem? Nobody has mentioned it in the comments.

  11. @Eric. It’s talking about Karn. So that means there is no other planeswalker in the set.
    Which means there is no green planeswalker in the block. I would have liked one.

  12. Puresteel paladin + Venser + Living Weapon go.. This will be after Jace/Stone Forge goes away.

  13. Mirran Crusader + Sword of War and Peace = an EXTREMELY fast clock (the sudden-impact damage can even kill Jace without having to attack him)

    I wonder how many people will die on turn 4 with full grip to the following sequence of plays:

    T1 ?
    T2 Stoneforge fetches Sword of W&P
    T3 Mirran Crusader
    T4 cheat Sword into play, equip, swing for lethal (with 4 color protections) against a hand of 6 cards

  14. So, Unsummon is now a completely pointless card.
    See Vapor Snag. Its like what they did with Colossus.
    Like the splicers for a fun golem deck.

  15. @anyone
    Would the Torpor Orb (canceling etb triggered abilities) stop you from sacrificing evoked creatures?

  16. Enslave seems good when stealing an infected crit.
    Birthing pod can be good with token generators
    freashmeat with awkening zone?
    Melira and phyrexian unlife seems ok

  17. Cards like Torpor orb although good in thoery, never really end up working as planned, I’m stoked for batterskull, fresh meat and the various Plainswalker hate cards tho

  18. @anyone
    Would the Torpor Orb (canceling etb triggered abilities) stop you from sacrificing evoked creatures?


  19. Yea, Torpor Orb deals with Primeval Titan. The turn they play it.

    It can still attack and grab two more lands . . .

  20. Ok, now I’m so pre-ordering and entire set with one of each mythic once I get the money. I could use some of these cards in my legacy decks big time. So amazing, love the praetors and want to has nerdgasm on them. Gross, LOL.

  21. @notabug pretty sure you are wrong comp rules say
    702.71a Evoke represents two abilities: a static ability that functions in any zone from which the card with evoke can be cast and a triggered ability that functions on the battlefield. “Evoke [cost]” means “You may cast this card by paying [cost] rather than paying its mana cost” and “When this permanent enters the battlefield, if its evoke cost was paid, its controller sacrifices it.” Paying a card’s evoke cost follows the rules for paying alternative costs in rules 601.2b and 601.2e-g.

    so the torpor orb should stifle the second ability, although it will also stifle any of the etb abilities on the creature, so dont think its very useful to combine evoke and torpor orb

  22. at turn 3, people normally have 5 cards in hand.. will it be good to abuse that sword? seems like its gonna go with beleren’s +2 and its a turn 3-i-deal-8-dmg-to-u-button and oh, protection from condemn, journey, bolts. Seems like a pretty good sideboard card..

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