From Legacy to Standard? Standard Izzet Delver – Deck Highlight


Standard Izzet Delver by SECRETSOFDELVER




Today’s deck is Standard Izzet Delver, aptly from MTGO player SECRETSOFDELVER.


Delver of Secrets // Insectile AberrationSaw It Coming

While all decks with Delver are often called Delver decks, this one looks it would play like some of the old Legacy Delver decks. It has several cheap threats as well as cheap card advantage, combined with a powerful and cheap counterspell in the form of Saw It Coming in order to counter a key threat and finish the opponent off.


Magmatic ChannelerAscendant SpiritThermo-Alchemist

In addition to Delver of Secrets, Magmatic Channeler, Ascendant Spirit and Thermo-Alchemist are all capable of doing damage in pretty large chunks. Due to the high colored mana requirements, there’s only one copy of Faceless Haven in the deck, but that can do some chunky damage as well.

Delver decks were never really my style, but this does look like a decent version of Delver for Standard. If you’re interested in a place to start, this deck looks interesting.



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