Founding the Third Path Finally Makes See the Truth Playable in MTG!

There have been a lot of exciting spoilers from Dominaria United over the last few days, but so far none have me as excited as Founding the Third Path.

The card is clearly reminiscent of cards like Snapcaster Mage and Mission Briefing, and represents another two-mana card that lets you flashback an instant or sorcery card from the graveyard. Unlike Snapcaster or Mission Briefing however, Founding the Third Path has the potential to immediately give you back the two mana that you pay up front by casting a two-mana spell from your hand for free. This means that Founding the Third Path is a card that can act as a zero-mana value engine that can fill your (or your opponent’s graveyard) and rebuy a powerful, synergistic card. Read ahead is also a huge buff to Founding the Third Path, which allows you to use it to flashback a spell immediately or just start on chapter two to mill yourself if you don’t have a spell in your hand to cast.



I imagine that Founding the Third Path has lots of potential in Modern Mill and Modern Reanimator, Izzet Prowess in Pioneer and in combination with See the Truth in both formats. 

Tainted IndulgenceFaithful MendingPersistUnmarked Grave

In Modern Reanimator: You can cast Tainted Indulgence, Faithful Mending, Persist or Unmarked Grave with the first chapter while also filling up your graveyard to use your reanimation spells. 

Glimpse the UnthinkableArchive Trap

In Modern Mill: You can cast Glimpse the Unthinkable for free, mill your opponent and then rebuy another mill spell (notably the card will let you cast Archive Trap for zero mana if you can force them to search their library with a Field of Ruin). 

Treasure Cruise

In Izzet Prowess In Pioneer, you can use the card to trigger prowess twice, then mill yourself to fuel a Treasure Cruise.

See the Truth

See the Truth Is a card that’s had a lot of potential for Pioneer and Modern play historically, but has always felt like it was missing a key enabler. The big downside of playing See the Truth is getting a two-mana sorcery speed cantrip stuck in your hand, but being able to get it unstuck by casting it for free with Founding the Third Path is a great way to mitigate that downside, and flashing back See the Truth with the Saga’s third chapter seems to be a great way to generate a massive amount of card advantage in both Pioneer and Modern. 

I’m very excited to start working on lists with Founding the Third Path as soon as I can, and will let you know what comes of it!


3 thoughts on “Founding the Third Path Finally Makes See the Truth Playable in MTG!”

  1. Jonathan Jackson

    Thank you for this article! Love the brewing options outlined above and can’t wait to get multiple playsets of this awesome uncommon!

  2. Unfortunately it does not make see the truth playable because it is bugged on MTGO. See the Truth still only lets you get one card when you exile it and cast the copy. WOTC has acknowledged the Bug yet.

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