Forgotten Realms Exclusive Preview Card – Hand of Vecna

Vecna is a lich, and one of the most feared villains in the Forgotten Realms, so it’s only right that he show up in Adventures in the Forgotten Realms. In fact, Vecna is so powerful that remnants of his mortal form are legendary items in their own right. Today, we have one of those items to show you, and in this case, you gotta hand it to ’em (as well as Wizards, for giving us this free preview). Behold the Hand of Vecna!




There’s a lot going on here, so let’s first look at the additional info we have. We do know what the Vecna token is going to look like, as it’s created off of The Book of Vile Darkness.



Eye of Vecna is a card draw engine that uses your life total as a resource to power up your hand, a nice synergy with the Hand. 

First, how does Hand of Vecna do as a combo piece? At three mana, this isn’t too expensive, so assembling this plus the Book plus the Eye could happen fairly quickly, with the Eye only coming in at two mana.

The Hand is also a natural combo with the Book, as you can pay life to move the Hand, which then triggers the Book at the end of the turn. That’s a nice little bit of synergy, though the big payoff will naturally be assembling all three artifacts.

Besides assembling Voltron here, you can also use Hand of Vecna as part of an aggressive strategy. The equip cost might be steep, but you get to hit for a ton of damage if the way is clear. Playing this on turn three could represent five-plus damage, or more if you’re buffing a double-striker or the like. That’s a lot of damage for three mana, and if you’re in the market for that, the life cost isn’t a huge deal.

Ultimately, Hand of Vecna looks like part of a gimmicky combo more than anything else, but I’m game for gimmicky combos. Assembling three powerful artifacts to summon a Lich is about as D&D as it gets, and this does exactly that. Good luck to those attempting to resurrect ancient liches – I’m sure that succeeding is bad news for everyone else in your game.

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