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Everyone’s played that game of EDH, where the entire table sits behind a wall of creatures, a full hand of cards, never tapping out, never attacking. Sometimes these games are great, and result in spectacularly silly moments you remember forever, and sometimes these games are so boring you’d rather watch paint dry. Well, Jeremy Rose has had enough of waiting around, and sent in this list that is all about getting the game going by forcing the action with Kardur, Doomscourge




Kardur, Doomscourge by Jeremy Rose

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As you might have guessed just by looking at the commander of this list, this deck is all about forcing people into combat. Playing Kardur is enough to guarantee one round of action-packed combat, but there are plenty of ways to have him trigger over and over again. There are a ton of reanimation spells, as well as cards like Undying Evil and Malakir Rebirth to get Kardur back repeatedly, but the sweetest ways to get his trigger happening each turn are cards like Helm of the Host and Splinter Twin.

Disrupt DecorumCurse of OpulenceKazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs

But the forced attacks don’t stop there – there’s Disrupt Decorum to goad the board, there’s Goblin Diplomats to make an attack mandatory and there are all sorts of other incentives to attack – and disincentives to attack you. Curse of Opulence and Disturbance will get people swinging at each other, while cards such as Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs and Marchesa’s Decree might make people think twice about attacking you (assuming Kardur will even let them!).

Court of AmbitionEmberwilde Captain

My favorite part of this deck, however, is the monarch subtheme that runs through it, particularly the creature suite. If you’re able to secure the crown for yourself and then use Kardur to make sure you never get attacked, you can sit pretty, drawing extra cards and eviscerating their hands or life totals with Court of Ambition. Better yet, Emberwilde Captain synergizes beautifully with the “don’t attack me” cards while also securing your reign as the monarch.

The deck is a little short on removal, I have to say. With a red-black deck there’s no real shortage of options, but with only a handful of sweepers and spot removal spells, this deck might have trouble managing the board. Then again, maybe you don’t need to manage the board when you’re trying to cause chaos every turn with Kardur. I’m also not convinced by the sheer quantity of reanimation spells – reanimation spells almost outnumber creatures in this list. I understand that you mainly want to just let Kardur go to the ‘yard and bring him back, but I think there are a few more reanimation spells than you need. 

Overall, however, I like the cut and thrust of this deck, and even if it isn’t the most powerful EDH deck ever assembled I love that it has a “thing” it’s trying to do, and that that “thing” is something that is all-too-necessary at some EDH tables. If there’s not enough excitement and chaos in your Commander tables, it might be worth taking Kardur for a spin!

Thanks to everyone who has submitted lists – I’m always on the hunt for more, however, especially spicy or weird decks that are trying to do sweet things. So as ever, feel free to submit lists of your own you’d like featured as part of this column – the best way to do this is on Twitter, via DM!


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