Fling Body of Research with Alchemy Invoke Calamity Combo!


Alchemy Invoke Calamity Combo by Arne Huschenbeth




The Neon Dynasty Championship is in the books! It was a blast to see Alchemy on the big stage in action for the first time and I’m amazed by the various decks that made a splash on the scene. I have to say, my testing team completely forgot how to properly brew! We had no idea how good Fable of the Mirror-Breaker is. We missed out on Mardu, Grixis and BW Venture – three strong midrange decks with one powerful commonality, the perfect midrange threat – four copies of Citystalker Connoisseur.

My team might have missed those, but we spent a lot of time on an archetype that many of us believed to be broken at one point in testing. All of us, besides Sam Rolph, ended up playing Mono-White Aggro because of its amazing Runes matchup, but our brew was always in the back of many of our players’ heads. I call it Izzet Body Invoke. The list above is what I would have registered if I would have played the deck.

Invoke CalamityBody of ResearchKazuul's Fury // Kazuul's Cliffs

Invoke Calamity allows you to cast Body of Research at instant speed out of your graveyard or your hand to create a huge 40/40 creature. You can ambush your opponent during their attacks and on top of that, you can use Kazuul’s Fury to instantly kill your opponent by flinging the creature at your opponent’s face.

The rest of the deck is filled with removal to fight the anticipated Runes and White Weenie metagame. Our heavy red mana base allows us to use the efficiently-costed sweeper Conductive Current. Additionally, Invoke Calamity allows us to play a control game where we answer all the opponent’s threats and outvalue them. If you like playing with Snapcaster Mage in older formats, you’re going to love putting Invoke Calamity on the stack. You can even flashback counter spells from your graveyard!

We were not the only ones who found this deck. Oscar Franco, Fernando Palmero Garcia and Yo Tezuka submitted a very similar build exploring the new combo. 

The core of the strategy is reminiscent of Izzet Turns. The only thing that has changed is the way to finish the game. The deck is a lot of fun to play and definitely competitive, give it a try!


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