First Jumpstart Historic Power Rankings – 9/7/21

The only really big tournament since Jumpstart: Historic Horizons came out was the Hooglandia Open. You can check out the deck lists here. This week’s Historic Power Rankings are heavily influenced by these results and what has been getting hyped on social media. If a certain deck is crushing it right now, it doesn’t necessarily mean there is nothing that beats it or that something needs to be banned. It is way too early to make those calls.

This weekend features the Historic Open on Magic Arena, which should help settle the metagame a little bit and feature some new decks. 



1. Jeskai/Izzet Creativity


Serra’s Emissary and Hard Evidence are two big improvements for this deck from the Jumpstart: Historic Horizons expansion. This deck is really strong and it’s currently my frontrunner for the Historic Open next weekend. Make sure you have a good sideboard for the mirrors because Jeskai is seemingly half of the Historic metagame at the moment. Also make sure you get enough reps with it; it’s not an easy deck to play.


2. Jeskai Control


If you’re a fan of sitting on countermagic and protecting your planeswalkers, Jeskai Control is a great choice as well. I would currently lean towards building this deck to beat the mirror and mostly worry about creatures with your sideboard cards. I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by how good Unholy Heat is in these kind of decks. It’s an effective way to deal with creatures early but the fact that it can also target planeswalkers or kill a big Shark Typhoon token later is huge.


3. Abzan Sacrifice Company

VesperlarkBlood ArtistCollected Company


This deck combines Vesperlark and Davriel’s Withering for an infinite loop of Vesperlark dying and bringing itself back into play. Add a Blood Artist, Cruel Celebrant or Bastion of Remembrance and drain your opponent to death. Use Collected Company to find the pieces. 


4. Rakdos Arcanist

Dreadhorde Arcanist (Timeshifted)Kroxa, Titan of Death's HungerDragon's Rage Channeler


Discard is great again and there aren’t much better follow ups to it than Dreadhorde Arcanist. One of the best things about Arcanist now is also the fact that it usually won’t die to Unholy Heat on turn two. The downside of this deck is that most of the Jeskai versions have four Rest in Peace in their sideboard, which is a complete nightmare for this deck. 


5. Selesnya Heliod Company Combo


Another combo deck, this time using Heliod, Sun-Crowned and Scurry Oak. Each time you gain a life, you put a counter on the Oak, making a 1/1. Now you just need a Soul Warden or Prosperous Innkeeper to gain you a life when that 1/1 token comes into play (which again triggers Heliod to put another counter on the Oak and so on) and you have yourself an infinite life/tokens combo!


6. Merfolk

Master of the Pearl Trident (Timeshifted)Merfolk MistbinderCollected Company


Whoa, Merfolk this high in the Historic Power Rankings?! Shoreline Scout and Master of the Pearl Trident are huge improvements for this deck, and all it seems to need to be Tier 1 is good interaction on your opponent’s turn. Force of Negation would be the perfect card, but even an Aether Vial would be able to help you keep untapped mana for something like a Negate to deal with your opponent’s crucial spells while still developing your board. Another massive addition would be Mutavault, which honestly looks like a pretty reasonable card that could get added to Historic in the future.


7. Gruul Aggro


Haste creatures are usually good against sweepers, but also make sure you have something like Chandra, Torch of Defiance in your sideboard so you have a strong follow up. One big tip for playing Gruul now is that Bonecrusher Giant (Stomp) says “damage can’t be prevented”, which means that Serra’s Emissary on creatures isn’t going to save them. Don’t forget you can target anything with it, so even if they have protection from instants, it doesn’t matter. 


8. Mono-Red Madness (Hollow One)


This deck started as Izzet with Arclight Phoenixes but most players quickly figured out that it isn’t very easy to actually bring Phoenix back from your graveyard when you’re playing mostly creatures. This mono-red version is pretty decent, though it does require drawing cards in the right order and especially Faithless Looting is absolutely necessary to enable your strong draws. It doesn’t play the most powerful cards in the format, but it sure is fun to play. 


9. Selesnya/Orzhov Humans Aggro

Esper SentinelCollected CompanyThoughtseize (Timeshifted)


I’m not really sure which of these two is better yet, but I’m leaning towards black. Green offers Collected Company, while black gives you access to Thoughtseize, which might be a necessary card to beat the Jeskai decks.


10. Auras

Kor SpiritdancerSram, Senior EdificerAll That Glitters


Most people are understandably trying to brew with the new cards at the moment, which pushes some of the best performing decks from last “season” a bit further down the ranking, but don’t let that make you believe that they’re bad all of the sudden. Auras, especially with discard, should be a great choice at the moment.


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