First Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Standard Power Rankings – 9/27/21

Standard Power Rankings

New Standard, first Standard Power Rankings letssss g!. I played quite a lot of Standard 2022 in the last season and due to the similarity of the formats, so I used that as a starting point and often as a point of comparison for things. I have a ton of the format to still explore, and definitely there are plenty of decks I still want to try. For this week, all the stats from Untapped include all brackets and the entirety of the format, not just the past week, and not just platinum to mythic.




1. Mono-Green


This is the first of the Esika’s Chariot plus Wrenn and Seven decks on this list but it won’t be the last. Mono-Green is the quintessential Chariot deck. It was one of the best decks in Standard 2022 until the format became current Standard. The deck has high-power creatures and is supplemented by Briarbridge Tracker, which is a particularly good card with Esika’s Chariot, as if it needed any help. Mono-Green has a 66% win rate since the creation of the format on Untapped.gg.


2. Mono-Black Control


I’ve been playing the list that Greg Kowalski created all weekend and really liked it. The deck is strong against most of the other top decks, has good plans, good card advantage and powerful cards. I liked similar decks in Standard 2022, so I don’t find it surprising that these decks are still good. Mono-Black Control has a 58.8 percent win rate on Untapped.gg.


3. Gruul


The Werewolf deck has underperformed a little bit for me, but good old fashioned Gruul with Chariot and Wrenn and Seven has seemed really good (it’s funny how most decks with those two cards tend to be really good, isn’t it?). This deck has fast mana, powerful cards and a great top-end with the cards I’ve always mentioned plus Goldspan Dragon. Gruul has a 60.4 percent win rate on Untapped.gg.


4. Mono-White


Mono-White ended the Standard 2022 season as the best deck, and it starts Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Standard season as one of the best decks as well. It’s fast, low to the ground and tends to empty its hand very quickly. Mono-White even has access to decent removal in the form of Fateful Absence, Portable Hole and Skyclave Apparition, depending on the version. Currently Mono-White has a 54.8 percent win rate so far.


5. Selesnya Lands


This deck is strong and has won the only decently sized tournament that I know of so far at The Hooglandia Open last weekend. Storm the Festival is proving to be a very strong card. In addition to this Selesnya deck, I’ve seen a couple decks build around it floating about, the other most notable being Golgari. Selesnya is another deck that has access to both Wrenn and Seven and Chariot and typically plays both. Selesnya Lands has a 62.2 percent win rate so far on Untapped.gg.


6. Izzet


Izzet has really not done as well as I’d expected, and honestly the same thing happened in Standard 2022. It started off hot but cooled very quickly. Alrund’s Epiphany is one of the best cards in the format, I’m pretty sure of that. Goldspan Dragon is still a great card and I’ve found Smoldering Egg to be pretty impressive as well. Izzet has a 57.4 percent win rate so far on Untapped.gg.


7. Jund Dragons


Can you guess what two-card green combo this deck has? Give up? Chariot and Wrenn and Seven! As usual, those two cards along and other reasonable cards make the deck viable and strong. Jund has a strong top-end, with a lot of powerful flying Dragons. The black removal tends to be instant and two mana which can help with Chariot and Tibalt is still a very strong top-end when it’s able to be cast. Jund has a 63.2 percent win rate on Untapped.gg.


8. Mono-Red

I liked this deck a lot when I first started playing it, but it got a bit worse as time went on. I’m not exactly sure why, but that can happen with aggressive decks. One problem the deck has is that it was hard to get anything going sometimes if the opponent was able to deal with Moonveil Regent. Mono-Red has a 58.2 percent win rate on untapped.gg.


9. Temur


This is another Wrenn-Chariot deck. I actually thought this deck was pretty strong. This one has Alrund’s Epiphany in addition, which like I said earlier, I think is one of the better cards in Standard right now. The mana could be a little rough sometimes, which is a challenge, but I like the deck. It hasn’t caught on enough yet to have Untapped stats though.


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