First Ever Alchemy Power Rankings! – 12/20/21

Alchemy is here, and so far I’ve been enjoying the format. The Hooglandia Open this weekend was Best-of-Three Alchemy and won by Mono-Red Dragons. These Alchemy Power Rankings will also be for Best-of-Three as well, so let’s take a look.




9. Gruul Werewolves

Ascendant PackleaderWerewolf Pack LeaderTovolar, Dire Overlord // Tovolar, the Midnight Scourge

This is another popular deck on ladder. Rahilda is a really strong two-drop that got added to the deck in Alchemy, and if unanswered, can do some serious damage, both literally and in terms of card advantage. Gruul Werewolves has a 57.5 percent win rate so far according to Untapped.gg.

8. Rakdos Vampires

I play against this deck a lot on ladder. It’s a strong deck, with cheap fast creatures, powerful cards and an aggressive game plan. However, the deck is a bit vulnerable to sweepers, but it at least has access to black discard. Rakdos has a 55 percent win rate so far in Alchemy according to Untapped.gg.

7. Izzet Control

The Alrund’s Epiphany nerf really hurt this deck, which is not too surprising. That being said, the deck is still strong, and can also be built to focus on Hullbreaker Horror instead of Epiphany if that’s your thing. Izzet Control has a 55.4 percent win rate so far according to Untapped.gg.

6. Mono-White

Mono-White is great in Standard and gets Inquisitor Captain here in Alchemy. That being said, most of the Alchemy decks are comprised of archetypes that have gotten much better than in Standard, like Clerics, Dragons and control. So Mono-White got a great card, but other decks were still able to catch up. Mono-White has a 53.1 percent win rate so far in Alchemy.

5. Mono-Green

Mono-Green is probably the deck that has the least new cards but is still a port over from Standard. Lupine Harbingers in small numbers is probably the most commonly played Alchemy card, and while it’s a decent card, overall isn’t that powerful, even. Mono-Green is so strong in Standard though, so it’s still powerful enough in Alchemy to be high in the rankings. Mono-Green has a 57.4 percent win rate so far according to Untapped.gg.

4. UW Control

This is still my favorite deck. The deck is a control deck that basically wins in various ways by abusing the Key to the Archive, often winning by looping Time Warps or casting Approach of the Second Sun twice. The deck is fun, strong and has a lot of Alchemy cards. Azorius Control had a 50.2 percent win rate on Untapped.gg.

3. Mono-Black Drain

The first version of this deck was popularized by Crokeyz, so it had a jumpstart in popularity. The deck is strong, and relies on Sanguine Brushstroke to make Blood Artists and Blood and grind down the opponent with a long-term game plan. Mono-Black Drain had a 62.1 percent win rate this week according to Untapped.gg.

2. Clerics (Orzhov and Esper)

Voice of the BlessedCleric of Life's BondGlasspool Mimic // Glasspool Shore

Clerics are another tribal deck with two different color combinations that have done well. The first is Orzhov, and the other is Esper, which is usually just Orzhov with Glasspool Mimic. The reason that Glasspool Mimic is so strong is the interaction with Inquisitor Captain, allowing a player who gets lucky to hit a Glasspool Mimic or plays one from hand to continue spinning the wheel. Orzhov had a 61.1 percent win rate since the release of Alchemy. Esper isn’t listed due to lack of data, probably because it’s a newer variant of the deck.

1. Dragons (Mono-Red and Boros)

The two Dragons decks, Mono-Red and Boros, are the best decks in Alchemy right now. Dragons won the Hooglandia open, and has consistently done well on ladder. Town-razer Tyrant and Fearsome Whelp are two of the best cards introduced with Alchemy and are making a profound impact on the format. Boros and Mono-Red Dragons had 63.2 and 61% respectively since the release of Alchemy.


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