Fire Up a New Format with Alchemy Mono-Red Dragons

Alchemy Mono-Red Dragons by Scott Mines




This Alchemy Mono-Red Dragons deck comes from Scott Mines and I like the look of it. 

From what I’ve seen so far, Alchemy seems to be all about creature decks. A low-to-the-ground version of Mono-Red with cards like Falkenrath Pit Fighter is probably not going to be at its best against decks like Angels and Clerics that are trying to gum up the ground with Lunarch Veteran and Skyclave Cleric.

This Dragons list is more of a midrange deck with a good amount of removal and bigger flying creatures that will go over the top of your opponent.

Dragon's FireOrb of DragonkindChandra, Dressed to KillShatterskull Smashing // Shatterskull, the Hammer Pass

I really like Dragon’s Fire at the moment, as Righteous Valkyrie seems like one of the formats most popular cards at the moment, so your removal spell better be able to deal with a creature that has four toughness. 

Orb of Dragonkind and Chandra, Dressed to Kill give this deck a nice ramping element and I’m personally very interested in seeing if this is finally a deck where Chandra can shine. It didn’t really live up to its hype in Standard so hopefully it will perform better in Alchemy, though I have a strong suspicion that a creature heavy format is just not going to suit it very well. 

At first sight, there are a lot of mana sources, but having four Shatterskull Smashing should make up for drawing too many lands. 

The sideboard looks like it can definitely be improved, as cards like a third copy of Inferno of the Star Mounts don’t look super impactful. Heated Debate could also probably just be Brittle Blast instead. 

Overall, I like the look of this deck and will probably try it out in an upcoming video!


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