Finding the Rite Stuff with Rite of Oblivion – Preview Highlight

The Innistrad: Midnight Hunt previews continue, and one of the cards that really caught my eye is Rite of Oblivion. It’s a powerful and flexible removal spell, and it even has flashback. Of course, that all comes at a cost – let’s take at a card that I think has the Rite stuff.



Rite of Oblivion
As an additional cost to cast this spell, sacrifice a nonland permanent.

Exile target nonland permanent

Flashback {2}{W}{B} (You may cast this card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

Translation from Scryfall.com


On its face, Rite of Oblivion is card disadvantage. You exile one thing, but it costs you two cards. However, there are a couple things to keep in mind – there’s a reason I think this card is sweet.

The first is that sacrificing a nonland permanent doesn’t have to be that steep of a cost. There are tons of cheap permanents that give you free material to sacrifice, and in some cases even reward you for doing so. Here are some that would be great with Rite, and we haven’t even seen everything in Midnight Hunt yet.


EyetwitchShambling GhastAcquisitions ExpertClarion SpiritLithoform BlightProfessor of Symbology

There are many more past this, but the point is that not all permanents are created equal, and finding things to sacrifice and get value isn’t that hard.

The second piece to keep in mind is that Rite of Oblivion has flashback, which is awesome. Not only does it mean you get to cast it twice, which makes this a great way to deal with multiple threats, but it even opens the door to self-milling or discard as enablers.

Just a week ago, I wrote about Rakdos Sacrifice with Jadar, and Rite of Oblivion is a natural fit. The deck already splashes white, and getting access to a powerful removal spell with flashback is not bad at all.

Rite of Oblivion is a strong card, and I’m interested in seeing where it lands (especially once we see what the rest of the set looks like).



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