Final 2021 Standard Power Rankings – 12/27/21

The final Standard Power Rankings of 2021. Honestly, Standard hasn’t been the most popular format as of late, but with the end of the year coming, I thought it would be a good time to update the Power Rankings as it’s been a while. All the Untapped stats in this edition will be for the entirety of the format up until now, and from Silver to Mythic.




1. Izzet Turns

Izzet Turns has been the deck of the format until this point. The deck’s primary weapon, Alrund’s Epiphany was severely nerfed going into the Alchemy format due to the power of the deck. Galvanic Iteration plus Alrund’s Epiphany is the best combo in Standard and when those two cards are cast together, it’s very hard for the opponent to win the game. Izzet Turns has a 63.3 percent win rate in this format thus far on Untapped.gg.

2. Mono-Green

Mono-Green is second on this list, but is closer to number one than to number three. Mono-Green and Izzet are the two defining decks of the format, for sure. It has high powered creatures with a low curve and Esika’s Chariot in the four spot, which is probably the best card in the deck. Blizzard Brawl is one of the best removal spells in the format, and Mono-Green is the only deck that makes particularly good use of it. Mono-Green has a 71.1 percent win rate so far in this format.

3. Izzet Dragons

It seems that Izzet Dragons has been becoming a bit more en vogue recently as the format progresses. I’ve always preferred Izzet Turns, but I’ve seen a lot of great players choosing and doing well with Izzet Dragons. Goldspan Dragon is a great card, and of course, given that Izzet Dragons is still an Izzet deck, it also has access to Alrund’s Epiphany, even without the ability to copy it. Izzet Dragons has a 58.1 percent win rate so far according to Untapped.gg.

4. Mono-White

Mono-White has been one of the best decks for basically the entire format too. Mono-Green has typically been higher in the Untapped stats, but not always in tournament popularity. Mono-White is fast, and gets a big advantage from trying to play more cards more quickly than the opponent. Thalia, Guardian of Thraben and Elite Spellbinder are good at taxing the opponent’s mana as well. 

5. Mono-Black Control

This deck has really been played and had better stats than I would’ve given it credit for. The deck continues to be popular on the ladder, though it really hasn’t done that great in any events that I can recall. There have been Orzhov versions of the deck too, but I don’t find strategically that they’re all that significantly different. Mono-Black has a 63.1 percent win rate so far this season.

Also, disregard the Untapped naming of this deck – it’s very much a control deck.


Header - Tier 2

6. Jund Dragons

Jund Dragons is probably the strongest of the tier two decks. Izzet Dragons is a bit stronger though, and what I’d prefer for a Goldspan Dragon deck. Jund Dragons had a 60.8 percent win rate this season on Untapped.gg.

7. Mono-Black Zombies

I think the biggest knock on this deck is that there are two better monocolored aggro decks. That being said, Zombies has a 59.4 percent win rate according to Untapped.gg.

8. Orzhov Clerics

This is a much better deck in Alchemy than it is in Standard. Clerics has a 64.4 percent win rate this season according to Untapped.gg.

9. Rakdos Vampires

Two-colored aggro decks tend to be a little worse than monocolored aggro decks as the mana is tougher. This is one of the reasons that Rakdos never really broke through to be as good as some of the other aggressive decks. Rakdos Vampires has a 59.3 percent win rate this season on Untapped.gg.


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