FFfreaky Friday – Tuning Blue-White

Before Rise was legal there was one deck dominating on Magic Online. UW Control took the first three PTQs held online and was a force to be reckoned with. There are a few cards from Rise trying to earn some slots in this deck. This week I take a look at every way to construct this deck and what I think is the best version.

It was pretty clear before Rise that the two-drop slots were torn between Everflowing Chalice, Knight of the White Orchid, and Spreading Seas. Some lists ran 0 Knights and 3-4 Chalice while the newest version of the deck ran only 1 Chalice with a full boat of the other 2 spells. This is _Shipitholla’s list that won the first Online PTQ:


This decklist seems very geared towards the mirror. Elspeth, Knight-Errant is a great card in the mirror match when paired with Knight of the White Orchid (KWO for short). An early Knight sets up a fatal attack on an opposing Jace, the Mind Sculptor the turn Elspeth hits the table. Without the KWO in play the Elspeth can get trumped by an opposing Walker or Oblivion Ring the following turn.

Now we have Wall of Omens that is trying to fight for the early slots in this deck. When I was trying to understand how good this card was I first tried playing Wall of Omens over Spreading Seas. This is a clear mistake. I would have games where drawing multiple Wall of Omens did nothing to the board but block a Bloodbraid Elf, but two Spreading Seas would have won me the game. This is why I think Wall of Omens is a supplement to Spreading Seas and not a replacement.

A list with 4 Spreading Seas and 4 Wall of Omens makes the Jund matchup much better. It also makes opposing KWO’s weaker without an Elspeth, the Knight-Errant in play. The only question here is how many Chalice should be run in the no-KWO version.

I have been trying every number of Chalices and have found three to be a number I am most happy with. This is because I like to have three Chalices after sideboard for the matchups that I board out either Seas or Wall. I also found drawing too many Chalices left the deck in this weird place of not having enough spell density. I had all the mana I could need, but not enough spells to close out the game

Early Durdling

So we have our two drops in place.


Now I do know that Chalice is not always a two drop, but in the case of curving out it most definitely is.


After this is figured out some of the cards from Shipit’s list get a bit weaker. I am a big fan of Baneslayer Angel, but I don’t know how much I like it in this deck anymore. Sphinx of Jwar Isle proved itself a very good creature in this deck and you don’t have to worry about removal when tapping out for it. Slayer gets a bit weaker when you take out KWO as well since it comes down a bit slower. I like having more slots dedicated to controlling the game and less to finishing my opponent.



Day of Judgment is in a weird place right now. There was a day in Magic when playing Wrath of God would mean your opponent was not going to be attacking you next turn. Those days have come and gone. With so many decks abusing manlands, Vengevine, Sprouting Thrinax, and Bloodbraid Elf it is hard to justify more than three copies of this card. Martial Coup is on a different level since it gives you a big enough team to defend for a couple more turns. I do not like to many of this card though. Even though I have seen multiple people playing four of this card and loving it, I like not drawing too many copies of it before I hit the late game. I have been very happy with Martial Coup taking only two slots in this deck.


Oblivion Ring has been getting better and better in the last few months. With less decks trying to play Steppe Lynx and Goblin Guide and more playing slower midrange decks like Mythic, Fireball Blue, and Jund, Ring has become insane. There are more Planeswalkers being played these days as well. Even though this card is really good right now, it is a mistake to run four main deck. Jund still runs Maelstrom Pulse and walking into that two for one is devastating. Three is definitely the number on this card.

The other removal spell of choice is Path to Exile. There was some talk about Oust, but since it doesn’t deal with Raging Ravine or Celestial Colonnade I will be sticking with Path to Exile. Running too many of this card can be trouble, so two is the worldwide number on this card. I have not found a reason to argue this, but I do like to Path to Exile my own Wall of Omens sometimes.


Mind Spring is the card draw spell of choice. Three copies of this card is what people like and I have not had an argument about this number. I only like two against most decks, but it is one of the most important cards in the mirror match.


Three is also the number I like for Jace, the Mind Sculptor. Drawing one copy of each of these spells a game is very good. When you start doubling up on one or the other is when the deck can fall to far behind and lose ground. Jace is also pretty bad against Jund, but great in the mirror.


Elspeth has been a really good card in this deck. The problem with this is that Gideon Jura is trying to come in a replace it. Gideon Jura can do the same things Elspeth can when it comes to killing other Walkers and preventing damage dealt to the player. Gideon also has a pretty good ability at killing creatures on the board.

These were the arguments that when through my head before I started testing. I found that Gideon Jura was decent at what he did. The only problem was until he was paired up with another Planeswalker did he reach is full potential. Gideon is extremely powerful when you have a Jace, the Mind Sculptor to protect or an Elspeth, Knight-Errant that his helping with offense or defense. I found that Elspeth and Gideon shared the same problem that Spreading Seas and Wall of Omens did. Gideon is not a replacement but a supplement for Elspeth.

I started these two walkers out at 2 Elspeth, Knight-Errant and 1 Gideon Jura. Elspeth was not performing as well as it was pre-Rise of the Eldrazi. I didn’t know why until I realized it was because I was no longer playing Knight of the White Orchid. Without Knights to either help on Defense to trade with 3/3’s, or get +3/+3 and take out Walkers right away, Elspeth lost some value. I started to only want one of each of the Walkers since I was playing against a decent amount of Jund and UW. This is when I helped the sideboard out and moved a Negate to the starting lineup and I got the complete 60.

Sejiri Refuge might not be the most exciting land in the format but I really need the fixing. Gaining the life is just icing on the cake. It has not been much of a problem to have seven tap lands in the deck without some of them being Borderposts. I started trying to cut Tectonic Edge from the deck but was losing to many games to man-lands. They are needed even though drawing multiples is really bad.


I’m going to talk about how I want to sideboard in terms of what needs to come out of the main first, then I’ll give the sideboard list at the end.


In the maindeck, the cards that I want to board out are Day of Judgment, Jace, the Mind Sculptor, Path to Exile, and Negate. These are the weakest cards you have in this matchup. [card]Path to Exile[/card] is probably good enough to stay in instead of wasting sideboard slots, but Day of Judgment and Jace just have to go.

Some people like Jace in this matchup. The problem I have with this card is I don’t like the problems Jace puts you in. When you cast it you either have to +2 it to save yourself from getting blown out by Blightning or draw cards to set up your next turn. I always feel I make the wrong decision and sometimes that costs me the game. I would rather just not have that card in my deck then draw it and make the mistake. So Jund has six to seven slots dedicated in the sideboard.

Jund 6-7

UW Control

The mirror match can be a bit difficult post sideboard. It depends on what build they are running. Some lists run Luminarch Ascension while others try to run less cards for the mirror and just bring in Negate. It comes down to how many slots you are willing to dedicate for the matchup and how much of your main needs to be taken out. I find Luminarch to be a wasted sideboard slot. The card barely wins any games, but can sneak a few if the other player isn’t prepared for it.

The cards that are weakest in the mirror are Wall of Omens, Day of Judgment, and Path to Exile. More important is what role you want to play in the mirror. Luminarch players are probably going to be playing Baneslayer Angel so they will have more threats than this list. They will also have Knight of the White Orchid. Given this information, you want to have more ways to deal with creatures and try to take the control approach. Trying to go for an even longer game plan against this deck.

This can be hard to accomplish since they will have just as many good blue cards as you. I have found Jace Beleren to be a very powerful card in the mirror match. On the draw it gives you more outs to their turn 3 Jace, the Mind Scuptor on the play and gives you more cards that can help pull the game into your favor. I really do want to try to find room for a Baleren or two in the sideboard. For now we have about seven slots we could use in the sideboard for the mirror.

UW Control 7


This is a decent matchup. They don’t have many draws that can race or beat a fourth-turn Day of Judgment. They are a dedicated creature ramp deck and very weak to cards like Path to Exile and Day of Judgment. All of the Planeswalkers in this deck are good against them. Getting the Negate and one or two Spreading Seas out of the deck is about all we have room for to maneuver.

Mythic 2-3


I don’t think this matchup is too bad. I have played against it about a dozen times so far and have done very well. The only problem I have is if this deck will become popular or not. I think it will in Friday Night Magic tournaments, but probably not in 5Ks and Midwest Master tournaments. For now I don’t think we need to dedicate sideboard cards for this matchup and can just bring in the Negates we sideboard for the mirror.

Mono Red/RB Blightning

This is the worst matchup this deck has. Without Baneslayers and Knight of the White Orchids to be able to hold the fort I can see this deck getting burned out pretty fast. I don’t think I have a problem with this since it isn’t making up a huge percentage of the field right now. If things change, Baneslayer might be needed, but for today’s current metagame I wouldn’t worry. There are multiple different lists running around so finding out what to sideboard out is rather difficult. The only thing I do know is if Kor Firewalker or Celestial Purge can fit in the sideboard that they would help this matchup.

These are the big decks I will worry about when creating the sideboard. I need 6-7 cards for the Jund matchup. Once you take out Day of Judgment you need to be able to deal with a creature rush. Even though Day of Judgment might be good in a few games post sideboard they are generally bad in this matchup.

The big cards I want for this matchup are Celestial Purge, Wall of Denial, and Flashfreeze. So depending on how much room I have at the end I think I want,


Like I said before I really do like Jace against UW control and Negate goes perfect for that strategy.


I also like taking the more controlling roll in this matchup so a fourth Oblivion Ring can be very helpful dealing with any random permanent they are trying to fight me with. With only one more slot needed to make this sideboard complete I will take a piece of advise from Shipit and play with that Cancel.


This gives us 2 more slots to work with. I think those last two slots are a fight between Telemin Performance or Kor Firewalker. It really depends on what matchup you think you will have to play against. Right now I think the Firewalkers are more important, so the final list is:

This is the finalized list that I have been working on and will probably be doing battle with in the Midwest Masters this weekend. Until Next time!

Brad Nelson
FFfreaK on MTGO
[email protected]

60 thoughts on “FFfreaky Friday – Tuning Blue-White”

  1. Good article PV. I run a Naya deck I call Dark Naya because it splashes black for maelstrom pulse….I went with 4 vengevines in my local tourney tonight, and it played “lights out” and was just incredible.(5-0)….you are surely right when you say naya is the home for vengevine, and another big bullet in the chamber against Jund. Good article. Just wanted to back it up! Later Shane

  2. Brad, I just devoured this article. Nice material. It’s so good Smac just called you PV…

    …I kid…

    Anyway, I’m very worried about the polymorph matchup. Do we have enough? Have you tested against theEmrakul version or Iona?

    Also, you talk about Vengevine making DOJ weaker… but what decks exactly are gonna pck Vengevine?

    Thanks a lot.

  3. what matchups are sphinx good in? why are they better than gideon? is it better to be playing zero non-wall creatures?

  4. I’ve been testing with See Beyond, and it’s been seeming to work pretty well with it. I think the only problem is that with too many two drops you have to decide to Wall, Spread, or See Beyond, which I guess can be pretty difficult, depending on the situation.

  5. Who is _ShipItHolla isn’t that the guy who got banned from MTGO, for being able to choose what card he draws. LOLOL

  6. i think id put the borderpost over sejiri refuge, one of the main goal of this deck is to ramp up its mana and cast its x spells for the win, and since were cutting the KWO there are no other ways to ramp other than the chalices. im not sure, but the way to play the deck is to survive the early rounds as u ramp ur mana and cast massive coups. also is it really right to cut the baneslayers? all removal will be pointed to the manlands. and also u might need to doj ur sphinx.

  7. Chris Thomas hit home.

    Very few people know the actual power of Mythic, it is the deck i play in Standard and is hands-down the best deck in the format.

    This deck is BAD against Mythic – it plays no relevant counterspells G1 to stop Rafiq on turn 2-3, and with Knight, you can get around 15 damage in before they DOJ, then manlands or a Vengevine is all it takes to win.

    After SB, Mythic has 4 Stag, and, if they’re smart, 4 Luminarch Ascension. These, combined with all the other must-answer cards in the deck is too much for any deck to handle.

    Also, Thornling is basically an Indestructible guy.


  8. Also, do you play Dauntless Escort? Guy is an MVP. Very good against both Jund and UW Tapout, which is all I need to know to be running 3-4 in the board for sure. Dunno about stag, too many tokens that block it running around.

  9. I play UW control on MTGO and have been ebating Mythic quite consistently. The deck has struggled against Elspeths and Days, in my experience. Post-board it gets a bit better even, as I don’t consider Luminarch a very threatening card without support to keep it safe. It doesn’t attack me, an O-Ring all but annihilates it, and Elspeth keeps it manageable. My 2 cents.

    FFfreak: I haven’t loved Jace in this deck. I’ve liked Elspeth just fine without Knights, though your point on the topic is certainly well-taken. Your main is almost identical to what mine has been looking like on MTGO, although I’ve been running Journey over Path lately, as it’s much better against Leech and about as good against Thrinaxes. Vengevine may force me to go back.

  10. We were talking about THIS tapout list, not your tapout list.

    -Sphinx offers 0 advantages over baneslayer vs mythic, as we do not play targeted removal
    -Only 3 day, 2 path and 3 oring to deal with earlygame threats (Read, 2 spells to deal with manlands). What this means is that if you don’t have the day, and you’re not able to jacelock them out of the game, they’ll probably run you over in short order
    -Mythic doesn’t care about wall of omens

    The best thing about this list for combating mythic is ironically the negates in the board, as non-negate uw lists end up losing because mythic negates their big spells. Nothing funnier than negating a mind spring for 6 when they have 2 cards in hand. Where’s your card advantage now?

    Gideon might be a house, but this list seems bad at combating mythic, especially the dauntless escort and negate varieties. It’s worse than the list Antoine was playing with in this matchup, and he posted poor results. That doesn’t mean this list is bad, I just thing it should be tested against a competant Mythic pilot before being sleeved up for a tournament. As a mythic player, my instinct tells me that I’d want every UW player in the tournament to sleeve up this list, because I highly doubt I would lose to it.

  11. Oh yeah, i do play 4 Dauntless Escorts in the board as well, idk how i could have forgotten to mention those! :O

  12. Also, In addition to the Dauntless Escorts in the board, my list plays 1 main deck Elspeth. Elspeth + Rafiq is basically GG on turn 4.

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  14. @jeremy: Fireball blue/white deck that is. it a deck that uses 4 martial coup and 4 mind spring, gerry thompson named it fireball U/W so basically, just another version of this deck. if not, the 1st U/W deck that sam black and kibler used at the malaysian GP

  15. Good read. I always like articles where the author leads you through his or her thought process – it gives the reader an infinitely better understanding of the various choices and intentions.

    One thing I missed here was the debate between the two U/W Control variants – tapout and counter. It’s clear you go for the tapout version, but why and what are the pros and cons? Having been in the receiving end of both I find the counter variant just as threatening so it would be interesting to hear your thoughts.

  16. If the Mythic matchup is so bad, 4 Ousts should help things out, no? Ousting a first-turn Hierarch really puts the breaks on Mythic’s early rush. Then you have enough time to draw into your creature control.

  17. Oust seems mediocre. Sure, they lose their turn 1 ramp, but they get it back after day and can shuffle it away if they really don’t want it. Also, this is really the only matchup where oust may be better than path.

  18. I have been testing Patrick’s Chapin list of uw control to great affect I love all the counterspells I guess im a old school player, However I do love oust I think its a perfect card so many times I do not use path because im using tectonic edge so aggressively to buy time and use everflowing chalice for 2 mostly to ramp.On Gideon I think he is brilliant 8 counters is hard to deal with many times he just stalls and you can dig with jace or mind spring. However Patrick’s Chapin list is a completely different spin on uw I encourage everyone to try it. Thanks Brad for another great article.

  19. Thanks for providing the exact article I was looking for!

    Some comments based on battling with this deck at FNM:
    – A whole article about UW without mentioning See Beyond? Really? I quite liked it in my build and considered running 4, but that might be too much with all the 2-drops already (see list below)
    – Baneslayers in the board is good against EVERYTHING! I’ve been running counters, which might be the reason for this, but baneslayer with deprive is so unfair..
    – Oust does everything you need it to. What’s your worst opponents? t1 steppe lynx or goblin guide, t2 putrid leech, t2 knight or even t1 birds. Oust fixes all of these and gives you A LOT of time to stabilize – this is further helped by wall of omens. You already have 7 answers MD that specifically kills man-lands and I don’t think they’re as big a problem if you aren’t taking a lot of damage early game..
    – Gonna try out gideon, but you only wanting 1 makes me think he isn’t that good. I would, however, never run less than 2 elspeths. T3 Elspeth has been one of the most important plays in the jund-matchup pre-RoE for me and she makes life really awakard for creature decks when combined with wall of omens – it’s basically play 3 threats or do nothing!

    Here’s what I’ll be playing next FNM (probably):

    // Deck file for Magic Workstation (http://www.magicworkstation.com)

    // Lands
    4 [M10] Glacial Fortress
    4 [WWK] Celestial Colonnade
    3 [WWK] Tectonic Edge
    5 [GUR] Plains
    4 [8E] Island (3)
    3 [ZEN] Arid Mesa
    2 [WWK] Halimar Depths
    1 [ZEN] Sejiri Refuge

    // Creatures
    4 [ROE] Wall of Omens

    // Spells
    2 [ALA] Elspeth, Knight-Errant
    2 [CFX] Martial Coup
    3 [ZEN] Day of Judgment
    2 [ROE] See Beyond
    2 [ALA] Oblivion Ring
    4 [WWK] Everflowing Chalice
    3 [WWK] Jace, the Mind Sculptor
    4 [ZEN] Spreading Seas
    2 [ROE] Deprive
    2 [MOR] Mind Spring
    2 [10E] Cancel
    2 [ROE] Oust

    // Sideboard
    SB: 3 [M10] Flashfreeze
    SB: 4 [WWK] Kor Firewalker
    SB: 3 [MOR] Negate
    SB: 3 [M10] Baneslayer Angel
    SB: 2 [M10] Mind Control

    Notes: I have no idea what to cut for gideon. Also the board is geared towards my local meta (naya heavy) where mind control is bonkers!

  20. so now that you Mythic guys have taken over the comments… what cards can u/w use main/sb to do better vs mythic?

  21. I like the Beleren suggestion for the sideboard. There’s not alot the mirror can do about it in the early game short of wasting an O-ring, so he’ll be producing some card advantage for you during that time, and prevents them from dropping their own Jace. Or of course you can play Beleren after they’ve dropped a Mind Sculpter if you don’t have an O-ring handy as means of removal. I’m running Baneslayers in my list so this idea sounds even more appealing to me. Nothing worse than getting your single creature bounced mercilessly.

  22. More path/wrath/oring/negate. Baneslayers instead of sphinxes would be nice. Gideon seems good.

  23. I haven’t found Mythic to be too terribly difficult most of the time while playing as UW

    G1 we have Spreading Seas/Tectonics/Paths maindeck to deal with all their manlands, and a T3-4 DoJ pretty much stops them dead most of the time. The earliest you’re seeing anything really bomby swinging into you is T3 (T2 War Monk /w T3 Rafiq + swing) but that’s not going to be lethal.

    So basically they need the perfect draw/curve to hope to win, and UW just needs a mediocre one with at least one early sweeper (of the 5-8 most decks are running) or a couple spot removals.

    If they’re dropping Dauntless Escorts that’s decent tech but it can be dealt with and it slows down their really powerful plays (Baneslayer/Elspeth/Rafiq/Finest Hour) if they spend T2 or 3 dropping the Escort.

    Plus with Wall of Omens (and Knight in some lists) there’s additional roadblocks for Mythic to get through.

    Not trying to trash Mythic, I think it’s a cool deck and I’ve seen some explosive wins by them but I don’t think it’s a match that UW has to sweat too much.

  24. I did enjoy this article very much, however:

    First of all, I believe UW Tapout or UW Permission should have different names as to avoid confusion. 2nd, UW T/O plays almost EXACTLY like Jund in my opinion. Instead of Bloodbraid cascading into things you have planeswalkers “cascading” into abilities. Next, I would like to address the mythic vs. U/W T/O debate. It can be a very difficult matchup for both sides as I have experienced at both ends (in fact, this is why I ended up playing UW Permission over T/O). @k: Yes, I believe that fetchlands for the shuffle effect are quite nice here. Even if one only uses 3 or 4, they can help your draws by shuffling away unwanted cards (usually the argument is to thin the deck out, however the shuffle is more important because of your card draw). Overall, I believe UW T/O is a very good deck and will see a lot of play.
    Great article! I expect to see tournament report with this deck!

  25. i like the pictures. they work a lot better than just a list of text. you guys should use this method as often as possible.

  26. U/W Tapout vs. Mythic is featured today on Starcity, for those of you who are interested.

    There’s a good story about taking 16 from a Birds of Paradise after tapping out for a Mind Spring for lots.

    Seems like Mythic has the edge on this one, although the die roll seems quite important, too (the tempo of going first was very important in the matchup). Because the tempo is so important, bringing in Oust on the draw is probably a good way to steal it back.

  27. How do you plan to deal with ramp decks? It seems like your only out to an Eldrazi Monument or an Iona on white is Oblivion Ring.

  28. I played Brad twice last week at FNM and I was running my version of mythic. I lost to him 1-2 round one and 0-2 in the top eight. The B/W vs. mythic match up is all about your opening draw. The one game I won I killed him before he could get day of judgment mana (he also went to 5 cards on the play). Match two I played Luminarch Ascension and he just laughed it off. He didn’t really laugh… at least not out loud, but the o-ring he was holding made Luminarch Ascension a non factor. The best card against b/w is vengevine. The haste lets you reload quickly and with power 4 you can get through his walls, but you need to do a lot of damage early to get the win.

    So like I said B/W vs. mythic match up is all about your opening draw.

  29. I agree with Chris that this list is weak against mythic. Negate post sideboard crushes U/w if the mythic player is competent enough. The match is winnable for both decks, but it’s tougher for U/w than most people think.
    I was thinking of something along the lines of roil elemental + negates as sb strategy (just a thought), but I hope mythic remain not so popular.

  30. Mortox, you sound like one of the ignorant people who don’t really understand the deck. Maybe you have only played against incompetent players.

    turn 3-4 DOJ does NOT stop Mythic in its tracks. THIS DECK IS NOT NAYA.
    I can tell you’ve only been playing against bad pilots because no good player plays Rhox War Monk anymore – we have swapped them for Vengevines, which are REALLY, REALLY good against DOJ. If you are a smart Mythic player, know not to overextend, and play 4 Stag, 4 Luminarch and 4 Dauntless escort in the board, the matchup is a breeze.

  31. Timmy: “I play a Trained Armodon!”
    Spike: “I play Wall of Blossoms.”
    Timmy’s friend: “This is awkward.”

  32. I think a few oust could definately find their way into the sideboard, it’s a great anti aggro card as it can be played so early on. Where flashfreeze and celestial purge are a bit narrow, oust is great against the other aggro decks as well like naya and mythic. Oust still does very well against jund and with firewalker you probably have enough against RDW.
    Also I’m not really convinced with gideon jura over stuff like baneslayer. It’s not like gideon is that much harder to remove then baneslayer as o-ring and pulse are really popular forms of removal nowadays. Wall of omen also tends to get hit by removal alot of times so there are good chances for the baneslayer to survive really. A baneslayer that lives simply does more against most decks then a gideon jura, even though gideon can beat out a baneslayer in the mirror. Still baneslayer seems the better threat in the mirror as gideon does nothing relevant when it comes down and provides a clock that can simply be chumped by wall of omens.

  33. The one thing I don’t understand is the reasoning behind chalice over kotwo, especially since the newer versions were playing 4 kotwo and 1 chalice. Any insight here?

  34. Maybe this is weak because the power level is so low in other matches but Guard Gomazoa from RotE seems pretty good against Mythic. The lists I have seen of Mythic have no way to remove or kill it the main deck and it completely shuts down the power of exalted and lifelink, where as Wall of Denial is harder to cast, most likely will die to an exalted guy soon against Mythic and still allows them to benefit with lifelink by attacking into it. You lose shroud which of course is why Wall of Denial is so good, but that should not hurt you against Mythic until they bring their Mind Controls in, and if they are Mind Controlling a Guard Gomazoa you should be in good shape.

  35. Essence Scatter, which seems good against several decks right now.

    Platinum Angel maybe? I know 7 is high but if you cast it against Mythic and they have not sideboarded correctly they have no way to beat you.

  36. Scourglass because it makes them play slower and allows you to work up to Coup after you blow away their first set of guys.

  37. Tested mill yes or no, and if its failing you can easily take out any one sb card for an eldrazi and get the auto bye, otherwise that list looks very solid atm. so happy i have all the cards pieced together except Jura.

  38. Brad probably didn’t respond because he was too busy playing Spread ‘Em at the Midwest Masters. 😉

    Sorry you missed out on t8 there, man.
    The new version of Spread ‘Em looked great.

  39. I found it humourous that brad didnt play this deck and lost to this deck playing for the top 8. Irony much? He built a deck to beat it and it beat him causing him to not money. I call this justice. He seemed like he had an amazing UW Matchup with his new spread em build, but the UW player was also very very skilled with probably the most pro points minus brad at the event.

  40. [email protected] How is it justice that I lost? He didn’t play decent at all against me actually. Barely looked at the top card with Sphinx in play, and actually tripled my outs to win game 2 on the last turn.

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