FFfreaky Friday – Standard Primer


Who has time for opening paragraphs? Standard Primer GO!!


I spent most of my weekend playing Magic, reading about Magic, talking about Magic, becoming my local game day champion, and dreaming about Magic. During this time I found that many people were looking for advice about Jund. Many people asked me for mirror match strategy, and for how to play against it with other decks in the metagame. That makes talking about it very important. These are the 1 2 3’s of Jund.

For the most part every Jund deck has these spells in common.

4 Putrid Leech
4 Sprouting Thrinax
4 Bloodbraid Elf
4 Blightning
3 Bituminous Blast
4 Lightning Bolt

After these 23 cards the rest of the deck is filled with a variety of Maelstrom Pulse, Terminate, Garruk Wildspeaker, Great Sable Stag, and Broodmate Dragon. Terminate, Garruk, and Broodmate Dragon are being played more than Pulse and Stag. Knowing that they could be there though is important.

What I find the most humorous is that every list I’ve seen runs 23 – 26 lands. I personally have not played with Jund yet in this format, but have played against it with many different decks in Magic online tournaments or practice games for Rome. I do not know the right number but most friends say it is 25.

What I find hilarious though is when people ask me how to hate out this archetype. What’s so funny about this is that there is no way to do this. Jund has a great tool at its disposal. Every deck has to beat Jund by fighting through a stream of card disadvantage. You don’t get to out-card this deck. You have to beat them while they are casting 2 for 1 spells all game.

That is why so many people play this deck. I’m not going to say it’s an easy deck to play, since many of the decisions might be hard, but the sheer power of the spells the deck is casting make it very easy to win games. Power always draws in the masses, and this deck is everything but weak.

The best way to fight Jund is to not give them enough time to set up cascade spells into Broodmate Dragons. With enough time this deck will attrition the best of the best in card advantage wars. Besides Lightning Bolt and Putrid Leech, every spell in this deck has the potential of being a 2 for 1 or more. So the more spells they cast the bigger the hole the opposing deck gets into.

This list is that of Channelfireball’s very own LSV (You may of heard of him).


Luis has had more practice in the mirror matches then I have so I asked him to tell me a bit about the mirror and this is what he had to say.

The mirror, unsurprisingly, is a war of attrition. By far the most important card is Blightning, since if you are able to land two of these and they only hit one, you are really far ahead. The early Blightnings often force the discard of lands, which makes Bituminous Blast and Broodmate Dragon hard to cast. Usually a Broodmate ends the game, but getting to six land and still having one is pretty tough to do. Most of the threats pretty much just cancel each other out, so unless one player has a much faster draw, the games do come down to attrition, which is why Blightning is key. I wish I could be more helpful, but this matchup really is a case of throwing cards at each other until one player comes out ahead. Sideboarding often just means bringing in Ruinblasters, which stick with the attrition theme, and I cut some of the weaker removal spells like Bolt or Pulse. Overall, you just want to Blightning them early and often! – LSV


This is a deck close to my heart. I have been testing this deck for a really long time and still feel that I misplay it. It has got to be one of the hardest decks to play to come out in Standard in years.

I touched a lot on this deck last week so I’m only going to talk about updates I made.


I decided to find a better mana base so I could take out the Ziggurats. They were very good lands, but didn’t let me play the 4 mana non-creature spells I found to be very good in the sideboard. Not much else has changed except for I’m trying Hellspark Elementals in the maindeck now. It has been a very good card so far and will stay in there as I work hard to find the correct build for Worlds.

I have to say curving out to Manabarbs has just been un-real. Most people are just not prepared for that card. And it won’t change even If I mention in my article so I’m not too scared. It’s hard to hate out this deck and Manabarbs without compromising the decks ability to put a game down as well.

I have been having a tough time not cutting the 4th Plated Geopede. It’s a good card, don’t get me wrong, but multiples have been very bad and he is much more situation then his cheaper friend. Steppe Lynx comes down a turn earlier so guaranteeing the early damage is easier with it. Geopede is a turn slower and needs more lands to be as valuable.

It also makes it harder when everyone you take advice from can’t believe you would take one out. This is a big conundrum that I am in because of this. I want to put ideas from people I trust on the back burner, but I also need to trust my own ideas. Now I know sometimes my own testing gets inbred and I need someone to snap me out of it.

This time is different though, because I think I really have a grasp on how powerful this deck can be if I find the best build for it. I’m going to keep working and hopefully solve this problem I’m having.


This is a deck that saw better days when it got to play with Kitchen Finks, but is still a very strong threat in the metagame. I have had my fair share of encounters with this deck and can barely pull a positive record, even with the fastest deck in the format. If there was one deck that I think will surprise everyone with a good Worlds Performance it would be this deck.


Everyone is probably familiar with what this deck is trying to accomplish. You just cast spells that cast more spells. Deal 4 damage to a creature, put a 3/2 into play, Draw 2 cards is on the text of a 5/5 for 6 mana creature. Not to bad, in my opinion. The best reason to be playing this deck right now is that Jund is so hyped.

If a field is full of the cascading monster, why not be one step ahead of it and have even a bigger deck designed around the mechanic. This is a reaction deck to Jund and will be really good at winning while Jund is the most played deck.

The weakness this deck has is the inability to plan turns out. Most of my losses against this deck have been from really good cascades. This is a tough deck decision for higher skilled players. If you walk into your local store and know you are one of the best players there, it is rarely the correct decision to bring a powerful deck that cannot outplay your opponent.



You try to make your opponents life 0.

There really isn’t much to say about this deck. I think this is a weaker deck then just playing Boros. That matchup is a terrible joke. I don’t know what advantages this deck gets against Jund, but it can’t be much. It seems worse against Blightning and Thrinax.

I would not advise playing this deck; I just wanted to put it in the article to let you know it’s out there and being played.


This deck strikes a nerve with me. I’m not going to say I never lose to this deck, but I think it’s garbage. I don’t know why people would play this deck over the more powerful decks in Standard. This deck has terrible game against Jund and doesn’t seem like a Constructed deck. It seems like a bunch of cards in the same color mashed together and 1 Lord to tie it all together.

I don’t know if people forgot, but we just got out of a tribal-based Standard and those tribal decks did more then just have a lord. They had working parts that gave it synergy. These cards do not have synergy with each other. Actually they just have power and can “work” together when there is said lord in play. Wait?!? This Lord isn’t always on?

I think this deck would be more powerful if the theme was replaced with all the best black cards in Standard. Put some [card]Black Knight[/card]s in there. Not only would it improve a few matchups, but it would give the deck a better curve.

For all you Vampire fans, go watch Twilight and leave the Magic playing for real gamers.




There are more lists of this deck floating around then Jund. Many people have had their own take on this archetype, but I think White is the most powerful splash. Bloodbraid Elf gives the deck the power in the early game, but being able to take down a creature to protect your Walkers is very important. Every other list out there folds to a Baneslayer Angel, so I like to see the ability to deal with it.

If you have never seen this deck before it swarms the table with a bunch of elves and then wins the stalemate. Not every game goes to a stalemate but that’s what this deck loves. Once no one can do anything in the game, this deck can gain 8-20 life a turn. Other lists run [card]Eldrazi Monument[/card] to gain wings and bash.

The sideboard to this list need a bit of work, but I would be happy to play this maindeck.


I have heard rumbles about this deck. I mean I have played it 5 times with Boros and have never seen more then cycling/milling/setting up for something amazing. In the end I kill it 2-3 turns before it can go off.

The deck has the ability to mill almost all the way through itself and kill with a bunch of big meaty unearth creatures. Now, by playing the fastest deck in the format I have not been able to see this happen first hand, but I have heard a few horror stories about this deck.

I don’t know if it is going to be the next boogie man of the format, but I know it merits some attention.


Yes! I have always loved UW aggro and there’s finally a list out there. Thank you Bolov0!!!!!

This is a deck made by a really good Magic Online player. I don’t know his real name if he even has one, but I know his streak of good finishes online makes him well deserving of respect when he has a new list.

I saw him playing this is a daily event and knew I had to get it. What I find interesting is that this deck has a really good game against Jund. WHAT!?!?! A good matchup against Jund you say? Well, this might make Magic fun again.

I don’t know what to say about this list, but it seems powerful and could be the next silver bullet. I would definitely be sleeving this up to punish all those Vampire and Jund decks at my next FNM if I was going. Not to say this deck is only intended for casual magic. This could very well be the next Standard deck to beat.

I hope this was able to help you in defining the metagame. After playing in this format a lot in the last week I found it to not be so Black and White(red and green) as everyone expected. There is a wide variety or decks to be played. It’s just finding them that can be the hardest.

Brad Nelson

FFfreaK on MTGO

[email protected]

67 thoughts on “FFfreaky Friday – Standard Primer”

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  2. I agree with your assessment about the Vampire deck but I will wait to see what Worldwake holds.

  3. The UW agro list you posted isn’t really a UW agro deck. Its more of a white weenie deck running MD vedalkin outlanders(is teh only card using blue maindeck) and some better sideboard options than Mono white has. Just sayin, and this comming from the biggest fan of blue white agro(MERFOLK ANYBODY!!!!!!!) you’ve met in a while.

  4. @Julian: Or maybe it’s because I lost to a few Vampire Nocturnus before I could take him out.

    Hate. That. Deck.

    @Brad: I’ve heard some things about a pyromancer’s ascension deck. Some of them combo and make bunches of turns until their opponent dies. Is this something to be aware of, or is the deck just a joke?

    Also, if the key to the Jund mirror is attrition, does having more discard in the board make sense? Maybe a couple Mind Rots or something? I know we talked about Mind Shatter, but that does seem kinda risky with cascade.

    As far as how your deck is running, I’d say go with your gut. If you’re testing it to good results then awesome. Certainly listen to what your team has to say, especially if they are playing the deck and finding some soft spots.

    Great article again…keep chuggin on to Rome!

  5. I was about to bring up Mind Rot as well. If the first person to double Blightning wins, Mind Rot seems sideboardable. Goblin Ruinblaster in the mirror makes sense from what LSV said, but still doesn’t seem as strong as Mind Rot.

  6. Any thoughts on the UWr control-based decks that seem to crop up in the MODO queues? I’ve been trying Feldman’s list to some success but wouldn’t mind a different perspective.

  7. I’d be interesting in seeing what you bring in from your sideboard for different matchups and what you take out?

  8. @Jodo – I recall also seeing at least one Jund list running Hypnotic Specter in its sideboard in last week’s Decks of the Week, possibly also to address the attrition factor in the mirror.

  9. I was initially hesistant to allow hellspark elementals room in the deck. I felt that they’d drag the deck down in the late game. I’ve tested them now though and I’m pleasantly surprised. 2 seems like exactly the right number. Maybe 3.

    I’m forever at odds about the plated geopedes. He’s certainly owed a place. I think everyone would agree at least 2 spots. That’s a no brainer. One more seems fine. Often, for me, he’s the guy who gets to come through no matter what creatures your opponent is putting in the way. 4?. Well, as you say, you don’t want multiples. I often regret putting him down on turn 2 as he’s really the only guy in the deck against which spot removal actually means a tempo boost for your opponent.

  10. I’ve been running a U/W control deck with 4 Kabira Crossroads + 4 Sejiri Refuge + 4 Day of Judgment + 4 Scepter of Dominance + 4 Mind Spring + counters/other control + 4 Baneslayers + 4 Jwar Jwar Sphinx. I don’t remember the last time I legitimately lost on MWS…

  11. So you play a deck that need Doj on turn 4 or lose to agro?

    What decks are you playing agaisnt or maybe more important, what players? MWS really doesn´t tell much since 90% of the people there are scrubs anyway.

  12. hmm. ive been stomping people flat with vampires. Not that list, but it’s been stomping. Better then my more expensive naya based build.

  13. Wow. I think the U/W Aggro list is quite interesting. It looks like it has really good game against Jund AND Vampires.

  14. No respect for the valakut hellkite deck that keeps popping up online?

    I think it needs to be taken into a more “combo” direction than it’s current incarnation, but it seems at least as fast as the unearth deck (though perhaps more vulnerable to blightning)?

  15. How extensively have you tested that 5C deck? The mana looks extremely shaky with so few tap lands. I run a different version packed with tri lands and I still can’t always get the colours I need.

  16. Great article!
    If you are sad about facing vampires, try playing ZEN block where people are maindecking blazing torch.

    Sorry disappointing you guys, but Bolov0 is from Brazil and I actually saw him in some tournaments. It seemed real.

  17. StealthBadger – One of the decks from this week’s Decks of the Week was a pretty straight RG Harrow/Valakut Ramp deck that wedged in Warp World and a few other token generators. I don’t know if that’s more of a combo *exactly*, but it’s definitely a step in that direction…

  18. I have an MBC list which keeps winning on MODO and MWS, it’s got game every aggro archetype (Including Jund) and control dies to it, and when Jund hits me with Blightning I hit back with Mind Sludge, and unlike Vampires has Black Knight’s.


    P.S MWS is full of scrubs but if you know where to look, you’ll find good players.

  19. Lance told me one last night that I thought was hilarious. He’s built a Bant deck that just ramps into Summoning Trap, and the deck has several good targets for it, chief among them in the maindeck being Iona. He also has access to Progenitus out of the board. We didn’t play any games, but it looked quite powerful.

  20. Adam: Yeah, that’s a known archetype to online league players and throughout Latin America where it originated. “ES UNA TRAPPA!!!” lol. Most players are splashing B also and using Sphinx of the Steel Wind as the defining threat.

  21. I’ve been playing the crypt deck on MTGO for a while and one of the best things about it is that it has a positive match-up against Jund (assuming they don’t have Jund Charm in the board). Of course, with every other deck that can also claim this, they run into the inherit problem of losing 70% of the time to Boros. At the very least, the deck is super fun to play as tapping Crypt multiple times in the same turn for 20+ mana and unearthing a Leviathan & 3x Extractor Demons for game is rather hilarious.

    Metagame is like this:
    Jund = Deck to Beat
    Decks that beat Jund lose to Boros.
    Boros loses to Jund.

  22. need more play testing before you post an article regarding to the whole standard metagame. that vampire deck is awful, but that doesn’t make vampire a garbage deck in the current meta. you need to post better version of each deck, not a garbage version of a deck type and call the whole deck type garbage. besides, i think you need more analysis on each deck as well, like why it is good/bad? and what the deck is good against?

  23. I played against that Unearth deck last night… wow was it terrible. Besides the obvious problem of not being able to do anything with out the Crypt because you need like a billion mana to unearth your army, it also just FOLDS to Jund Charms and Ruinblasters… hmmmmm I wonder if anyone runs those in their sides?

  24. Apparently you didn’t get my text Brad, i’m disapointed in you but I will continue to love you, however.

  25. What is up man?

    Hey with all due respect I really don’t get your vampire comments. Saying you would be better off running the best black cards? Last I checked they are. Gatekeeper, Hexmage, Bloodwitch, Bloodghast, Sign In Blood, Nocturnus, Tendrils, Nighthawk, mind sludge… What exactly is better? Sure you can run black knight sideboard, but those cards all have a place and are solid. The only thing that annoys me about this nearly pre-made deck is that it is vampires which have gained a pathetic following among school girls that is spreading like a plague. I have yet to lose a match against Jund or anyone else that isn’t close and I win far more than I lose. If nothing else its something different for those of us sick of the same boring and over-played cascade decks. Personally I don’t enjoy pre-made decks and am working on a meta stomping deck, but I will play fangs over jund any day.

    Great article in spite of the vamp hate. I dig the Boros love! That’s a fun freaking deck!

    —Tangent was here…

  26. Who needs decklists broken up into logical chunks like Mana, Creatures, Spells, it’s way easier to look at these decklists all jumbled up, at least the sideboards were separated.

  27. I think the fact that Boros loses to Jund will keep it from taking its rightful place as the Reveillark position in this metagame. It beats everything except the major deck, which means it’s incredibly well-positioned these days. Of course, a lot of Boros players still don’t play their deck well against the non-aggro matchups, and lose games and matches they should win as a result. Simple things like playing conservatively with your fetches when you know the opponent is playing cards like Earthquake or Fallout are huge for that deck. I’ve managed to win by Quaking for 2 against them several times.

  28. I disagree with the vampire comments, other than regarding the monoblack build. My black/ splash/ white build does well against a competeitve group at FNM with many jund players. Relying on disfigure and nocturnus are the flaws of the monoblack build. Disfigure sux;it is a dead card most of the time. Malakir Bloodwitch is just awesome. Bloodghast and sign in blood play well around blightning. Sadistic Sacrament is also one of my favorite weapons! This deck has been evolving since I stole the idea from a guy playing at pro-tour Austin.

    4 Lacerator
    4 Bloodghast
    2 Hex Mage
    4 Gatekeepers
    4 Nighthawk
    3 Nocturnus
    3 Bloodwitch
    3 Tendrils
    4 Sign in Blood
    4 Path to Exile (essential)
    1 Mind Shatter (casts earlier than sludge and no count swamp)
    1 Eldrazi Monument (synergy with Bloodghast is better than Nocturnus)

    4 Marsh Flats
    4 Plains
    15 Swamps (Nothing I hate more than reshuffling alot. It always ruins my train of thought. Hence no black-green fetch)

    Sideboard (basically goes from aggro to more control):
    3 Sadistic Sacrament (for Jund who I have decked with it! Go get blightning hope you see more than two in the deck 😉
    2 Oblivion Ring
    2 Duress
    2 Lapse of Certainty (this usually drops a jaw or two.)
    2 Celistial Purge
    2 Marsh Casulties (decimates lynxopede)
    1 Soren Markov
    1 Malakir Bloodwitch
    What do yall think?

  29. erich -team elite

    Brad I think the article was very well written however I think that wur control might be the deck to play in this format and very little is written regarding it. If I was going to worlds I would be playing a deck with wall of denial baneslayer path day of judgement ajani v and sphinx the dck just gets there. I have been running celestial purge main in almost every white deck I play doesn’t make sense why people still play it in the board

  30. I played some Boros today and came up against a Jund deck. I won the first game, but he swapped in some Dragon’s Claws and Jund Charms. It was pretty much over after that.

  31. I’ve played against a rip-off of the UW deck a couple times, and it seemed like utter garbage to me. MD was functionally the same, but ran Emeria the Sky Ruin for a stronger white aspect and has Luminarch Ascension in the sideboard. Looking at the list you provided, it seems like a tad bit more aggressive, which would have helped considering i was playing Ionamorph.

  32. erich -team elite

    Vampires is garbage I played jack wang the guy that won the 5k against his jund deck and its not even a match.I mean u can’t win the match against them and if u do I am sorry that u play against bad players. Hopefully Nashville we see something new I am tired of this format I want to kill myself

  33. When ever someone says the have never lost to deck X it just becomes clear they haven’t played enough games.

  34. I have never loved a deck more than that crypt deck. I just played some games against jund and got a turn 4 kill. Turn one cycle dude. Turn 2 hedron crab,crypt and mill 3. Turn 3 Island traumatize. Turn 4 combo. To the guy bashing the deck, it has grim discovery against ruinblaster. Discovery also is another way to get your crypt. That and 12 cyclers is a little more than just hoping to mise a crypt.

    Thanks for the deck. I like standard now.

  35. I’m not sure why 23-26 lands is humorous – it seems like a fairly standard spread for lands (although 23 seems a little low).

    Also, it’s quite easy to outdo Jund in card advantage. If you don’t run targetable creatures, LBolt can only dome you, Terminate is dead, and BitBlast is dead. Then you can run things like Couriers Capsule/Divination/Esper Charm and Mind Spring/Cruel Ultimatum. The problem is stopping them from killing you.

  36. That blue/white deck looks spicy, but I played some matches with it against vampires and it was having a real difficult time with bloodwitch (and white knight). Gatekeeper was no picnic either. It just felt really underpowered with all its grizzly bears and no real card drawing, just a few 2-for-1’s. I got flooded in the latter stages of half the games since only 3 cards (Emeria Angel) can utilize lands beyond the 5th land drawn (or 6th if you’re protecting baneslayer with brave). I think that deck has promise, but it needs some work.

  37. I’ve been playing R/G Elves and Baneslayer has yet to be a problem for me… usually it’s chumping a Garruks Ultimate and losing to a Monument or Sarkhan is stealing it… They have to swing it to stop a Planeswalker and you can just deal more than they gain pretty easily…. Lotus Angel is too slow to contend with it. Monument and Planeswalkers stalemates are the best situations… Ultimate Nissa… Ultimate Sarkhan…. without access to red they cannot deal with Nissa and Purge needs to be in hand and if they are playing Purge all they hit is a Bloodbraid or the two of Sarkhans and that’s too conditional.

    The only problem for the deck is Blightning can 3 for 1 you killing a planeswalker and blowing two cards out of hand… Jund is a hard deck to deal with.

    Against any tempo deck the games are always in my favor… This deck just houses RDW and Boros and even Control decks can’t deal with early ramp creatures into a planeswalker… Like I sad Jund which is the highest played deck in the format now beats it senseless though so it’s not going to get recognition.

    White for Path and one of Sledge is not as good as red for Bolt, Burst, Bloodbraid(Elf very relevant), and Sarkhan. This deck is really a way to abuse Planeswalkers. It’s like fogging with really big creatures.

    Monument is just MVP in this deck and you can’t play without it…. far superior to Overrun because it allows you to block kill Baneslayer and avoid walking into DoJ turn 4 on the play and it can be played in any situation not just a winning one.

    White has great Sideboard too I know but Reds not just awful you have Goblin Ruinblaster…

    I’ve been playing Vines in SB just to protect Archdruids… Naturalize for Mono White Control and Pyromancer’s Ascension. and the rest is main deck cards not play sets like Monuments.

    Just thought I’d let you know that list is fail.

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  39. Agree on that Vamps deck is a failure. I played it for awhile with bad results in MODO. Changed to Jund and now I’m winning 8 mans again.

    Maybe vamps will get a second chance when WWK comes out. Currently I advice against playing the deck.

  40. Any talk about a B/G/W deck? The 2nd place deck at LCQ Austin? It seems like a decent build although it could be a lot better. Lotus Cobra into a turn 3 Ob Nixilis or Baneslayer is pretty nasty.

  41. I think its kind of funny how he bashes on the Vampire deck. I have it online and it is quite good. I can’t say I understand why we should listen to you when you’re obviously way too narrow minded to consider a deck just because of a book or current culture or whatever. Obviously you can’t be a top magic player if you are just going to dismiss a deck. In fact, have I heard of you doing /anything/ significant? No. Sorry. I haven’t.

    “For all you Vampire fans, go watch Twilight and leave the Magic playing for real gamers.”

    You’re pretty pathetic

  42. u/w aggro with no Sleep? o.O

    Mill decks are never a good idea, at least with the standard card pools I’ve seen. 53 cards is kind of a lot.

    I like using Earthquake against r/w. Especially the part when it damages me.

  43. He’s going to Worlds as the U.S. Team alternate and got 9th at a PT. What have you done Nick?

  44. How did he bash the Nissa deck?

    “The sideboard to this list need a bit of work, but I would be happy to play this maindeck.”

    Seems like the opposite of bashing to me.

  45. I like how Nick bashes Brad and says he hasn’t done anything, which completely reveals how Nick doesn’t follow competitive Magic. He’s so butthurt, somebody get him a soother.

  46. Brad, you have restored hope in me for deck building. Just today I read your article and the one on TCG explaining his esper control deck that is beating the tar out of jund. I’ve been searching for hours, and building a bunch of crap trying to come up with a “not-jund” deck. Now I have a base to go off of. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…*breath* OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *thud-bonk-ambulence*

    See you at FNM soon hopefully

  47. There are some pretty big Vampire fanboys in here. I haven’t seen that much loyalty to a deck in quite a while. Would people have the same feelings if the deck was “bats” or “zombies” instead of “vampires”? I think the name has a lot to do with it. Brad is an amazing player who’s made a name for himself and will find continuing success on the PT so I wouldn’t be so quick to criticize because of some hurt feelings over cardboard. The current lists of Vampires are bad, the next set may change that, but it’s the truth for now. Sorry brah, nothing personal, don’t take it that way. Here’s a gift card to Hot Topic…

  48. The problem with Vampires is that it’s a “pretty good” deck that people are confusing with a “great” deck. It’s good, but it’s not all the way there yet.

    I think it’s funny that people are taking such a hyperbolic comment about it at face value. All the rest of his commentary is spot-on, yet you pick out the joke and take it seriously.

  49. I play lacerators and quest for the gravelord in my vamps list. Even if you dislike the deck, these cards are worth adding to your gauntlet list. Also, mind rot over mind sludge. I agree with the knight addition.

  50. I play lacerators and quest for the gravelord in my vamps list. Even if you dislike the deck, these cards are worth adding to your gauntlet list. The quests make the jund matchup a bit easier.

  51. I’m also playing Boros, and I have a hard time deciding when to board Ajani and when to board Manabarbs. Secret tech idea: Elspeths instead of one or both. Gives reach and power to one of the guys, especially helpful if you don’t have a land for the Lynx or Geopede.

  52. thank you to those who responded to nick…. friggin idiot.

    and Brad, i would love your take on the w/b/g deck that someone mentioned- i played jund against it last week and got steamrolled by it two games in a row in round three, and again later in semifinals. it is not a joke, and if i had the money for the extremely high number of insanely expensive cards in the list, i’d pri be abandoning jund for it.

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