Family Talk About a Scars Sealed

As Scars of Mirrodin is being released on Magic Online, it seems to Antoine and I that now is a pretty good time to go through the different steps of a SoM sealed deck build. As two opinions are better than one, which applies even more when we don’t know the format that well yet, Antoine and I have decided to compare a few sealed decks in order to discuss the builds. Today we’ll discuss about the first deck I’ve been playing in the format, and tomorrow in Antoine’s column we’ll talk about his modo SoM sealed experiment.

But before getting into the core into the article, I have to say a word about the way Scars of Mirrodin was released on MTGO.

I understand WotC is a company, and has to make money. I understand as well that they are making people pay as much for digital cards as for real ones. I still think it’s quite unreal, but as people keep on playing, and I came to accept it. And, as the program has been getting better over the last two years, at least we started lately seeing what we were investing so much money into.

However, choosing the moment when the program is working the worst* to make people pay 20 dollars for a 4-3-2-2 draft, almost twice more as it would be in real life, can no longer be called a marketing strategy; it is simple robbery. I understand a situation of monopoly necessarily causes abuses, but when it goes to that extent it shows an incredible lack of respect to players. At least they don’t pretend they care at all about such a thing. I have been playing a couple of sealed decks events for the sake of the article you’re about to read, but for now I won’t play until the buy-ins are back to normal and I can only recommend people who are as confused by the situation as I am to do the same.

Oh, and did I fail to mention that you couldn’t register with the packs you had won but actually had to pay another 20 tix each time?

Well well well, let’s now get back to the original point of the article!

Oli: Hi Toutoune!
Antoine:Salut ! I just finished building a sealed deck with your pool and…
Oli:Wait! People didn’t even get to see the sealed deck from themselves!

Here is the detailed list of the card pool. You will notice that I dispatched some of the artifacts in the color they are associated with, but not all of them. When a card would be pretty good despite being played “off color”, I would put it in colorless (Myrs for instance), but when they shine a lot more in that color I would count it as colored. This is how I would count the blue, black and green Trigons as colorless as they are pretty good on their own but the other two as colored as they need to be refilled to be playables.

The Pool













Oli: And here is the decklist I chose to run:




And how about you?

Antoine: I went with the following:

Oli: Both decks look pretty similar and different at the same time.

Where I wanted to build an aggro deck in order to make the best possible use of my bombs it seems like you wanted to go for an aggro version.

Antoine: Neurok Replica? Seriously?? There are some unexpected things in your build to say the least.

Oli: The deck has lots of bombs, removal and card advantage providers. When I have those I simply try to aim for a control deck. With so few colored cards, running a couple of Forests for the Green Replica (and possibly for the Spellbomb) doesn’t cost much.
Concerning Neurok Replica, the only thing I don’t like about this deck is that its curve is a little high. An early drop, even though it is not so effective, can’t really hurt.

Antoine: Do you really like the Neurok Replica better than Loxodon Wayfarer?

Oli: I considered the 1/5, and added it in once against RG aggro, but I thought the fact it was an artifact would help more than that 1 toughness defense.

Antoine: Yeah, true, the 5 toughness doesn’t matter much in this format. Then the one thing i have that is more aggro than yours is a Trigon of Rage>Trigon of Corruption, which, i think is really good with 3 Myrs.

Oli: I must admit I probably don’t give enough credit to the red Trigon which I haven’t played a single time, how much do you like the card?

Antoine: Well, with 3 Myr + Glint Hawk + Glimmerpoint Stag + Red lands to refill it + 2 Glint Hawk Idol, it has to be good. When the Black one is more expensive, and mostly kills Myrs. But I did not try it yet, how good was it by the way ?

Oli: It’s very good if you’re not black and amazing if you are. The sealed deck format is pretty slow if you except the GB poison archetype, and still, surprisingly most guys are pretty small.

Antoine: Agree on that. But cards such a card as Sunspear Shikari is just bad in my opinion. I mean I would not play it with one equipment in the deck that already wins by itself.

Oli: Well the question is to know if it is better to have a 3/10 or a 4/10 which is good for the curve (Neurok Replica, Sunspear Shikari), or another 5 which are a bit more expensive. I agree those cards are between so-so and mediocre, but the deck has already so many expensive cards:




I can’t really see myself adding another high drop.

Antoine: Which is exactly the reason why i would not play Trigon of Corruption. What a control deck needs is efficient kill conditions, and I think that Flameborn Hellion is one of those. With 3 Myrs in the deck, you need reliable high drops rather than 2/2 or 1/4 which will never have an impact on the board. Also, your opponent can handle any kind of artifact fairly easy, but a big colored spell usually means trouble for him.

Oli: Well globally the main difference between our two lists is not really about cards (besides the Trigons), but about how reliable we consider our winning conditions are.
I can only agree with you when you say the Hellion is a pain to deal with, but in my opinion what I put in my deck is more than enough.

Antoine: I have to agree now that we are talking that there is a mistake in my build. Golem Foundry should be Wall of Tanglecord. Shouldn’t your blue Replica actually be one as well?

Oli: Yeah maybe… oh no actually, I didn’t consider it but didn’t play it because of the two equipments. And concerning the Foundry, it takes a lot of artifacts to be good (maybe 17), and the more Spellbombs the better, but we are still talking about a card which loses most of his efficiency after if you don’t have it on turn three.

Antoine: The green in your deck is definitely interesting; with that many artifacts and a Myr, it should be easy to splash. And most of the double colored cards are high drops anyway.

Oli: True, and anyway it’s one of the characteristics of the format: with so few colored cards, you can afford running splashes a lot more easily. And that one doesn’t represent that much of a risk.

Antoine: The main question would be: do you really want to risk mana problems for a Sylvok Replica? Furthermore, [card]Horizon Spellbomb[/card] does not seem needed with 3 Myr and 17 lands.

Oli: Well, Horizon Spellbomb is only to be played if you want to run the Replica. And having it in the deck almost compensates for the Plains and the Mountain which were taken out of the deck, as the red and white cards are mostly midgame/lategame drops.

Antoine: I thought about both when building, but with that much mana already in the deck, I opted for cards that would have a bit more impact on the game. The green addition does not seem really needed as you already have 3 cards that handle artifacts. Then, if I was playing against a blue deck, i would probably sideboard it in as the only reason I have seen so far to play U is the control magic.

Oli: And in the opposite way I’d probably take it out against a GB mage, as it usually is the association running the least artifacts.

Antoine:Yep I hated most of the green black decks i faced so far. A lot of players actually have decks that try to kill you either with poison or normal damage and both plans are not compatible in my opinion.

Oli: I totally agree with that point. When I played in prereleases a few weeks ago nothing would make me happier than seeing a Forest and a Swamp on my opponent’s board. However, I think it was the result of those players inexperience in the format more than the failure of an archetype. As you have said, you can’t really afford to play a few poison guys, while the rest of the deck tries to kill with regular damage. If you want to go poison, you have to be convinced you’ll be able to win with the Infect/Proliferate combination.

Antoine: Which seems extemly tough…

Oli: The deck is still hard to play if you don’t have the +X/+X pump spell, but it can be pretty good otherwise. The single combo of this card and either the 3/1 pro artifact or the 1/1 flyer can be lethal, but indeed it does take a few cards to make this archetype actually work.

Antoine: So, how did you go at the sealed deck, and was green good?

Oli: In the end, I went 2-2 with that deck.

Antoine: Have you lost to any brutal card/combo/mulligans?

Oli: There’s the one match in which I couldn’t do a thing, including a game when I started with 4 lands in opening hand and died with 6 on turn 8 without having missed a single land drop (yeah Spellbomb + Razor Hippogriff), but that just happens. And then out of the normal games, the mana didn’t really hurt. Three times in four rounds did I have a green mana to sac my spellbomb and the one time I drew Forest and was a Mountain short it wasn’t very relevant as it was a late drop which lessened the impact as I already had expensive spells to play.

It wasn’t much of a surprise but the Hellkite was extremely brutal, and quite a cute way to deal with Wurmcoil Engine. My main problem was to try and stop my opponents’ early beatings. My low curve helped a bit, but against a true good aggro draw those cards are still pretty light. On the other hand, anytime the game was close when I reached turn 6 I ended up winning.

Antoine: Considering your pool, that is normal.

Oli: And finally, I was extremely disappointed byt the Armor, which I thought was absolutely necessary, but which I wouldn’t even run in that deck anymore.

Antoine: I’m pretty sure you will still have to. I think that a card that wins games by itself has to be played.

Oli: I drew it countless times, and not only did I never equip it, I didn’t even find time to cast it. Not once. The card would be pretty great in a deck with a very low curve and not much to do in the late game, but it was a systematic handicap here.

Antoine: So what would you play over it? Flameborn Hellion as a replacement in the “kill slots”?

Oli: I’m not sure, it would be either the 1/5 or the Hellion. And if I cut the Armor I may take in the Wall over the blue Replica as well.

Antoine: Seems better this way even though I stand that I probably would not cut the Argentum Armor.

Oli:This deck was a pretty tough one to build. Red is clearly the best color, and even though white is not fantastic it is pretty tempting. The problem lies in the lack of synergy of the cards. You can’t make a good use of the [card glint hawk]Hawks[/card], [card glint hawk idol]either[/card] of them. They give you what you could call a “fake curve”. You have a cheap curve which works when you’re on the move but not if you’re trying to defend from your opponent’s beatdown. Therefore, even though I think our builds were globally correct, we would be in extremely hard situation against a true aggro deck. And that’s how I lost 1 of the 3 matches I’ve really played.

Antoine: It’s important indeed not to pay attention only to the mana cost of the spells, but on how much it takes them to be efficient. It doesn’t mean the two Idols for instance were not necessary in the WR build, but we should clearly have ran the 0/6 wall.

Oli: Thanks a lot for your time bro, and see you tomorrow for a double sealed deck analysis!

Antoine: My pleasure, thanks everyone for reading, and see you tomorrow!

Oli: Thank you!

Olivier Ruel

*: a couple of interesting examples Antoine and I have faced in a few hours time:
-such terrible lag as a deck submitted 1 minute before the end of time wouldn’t be accepted but turned into a 120 cards pile.
-15 minutes to trade a couple of Voltaic Key to Gab Nassif as the program shut down twice, told us several times we were in trade when we were not etc.
-a whole color missing from the deck builder which would only show up during the sideboarding window

If you’re not familiar with Magic: Online, you may know that the compensation policies say you can’t get a rebuy if you make prize at a tournament, meaning if you go 2/2 and make 1 pack from a 30 tix registration fee, no matter what can happen to you you can’t get a refund. Antoine is still waiting for an answer, but the only two answers I got from this situation were A-none and B-you won product, you’re screwed. So I’d rather recommend dropping in order to get the refund before you do actually win a pair of matches when facing a bug.

51 thoughts on “Family Talk About a Scars Sealed”

  1. The prerelease structure is just plain robbery, especially considering the cards have already been released in paper form for a couple of weeks. I’m not even convinced that this actually makes them more money, as I think a ton more of them would run if the buy-in was the regular amount.

    As far as compensation is concerned, my experience has been that if you won packs less than the buy-in for the event, you would get the difference in value as compensation. So you should get a 26$ coupon if you won one pack. Even if the e-mail support doesn’t grant it immediately, a quick call to customer support should fix that.

  2. Excellent article–I built myself a deck from the pool and it ended up being fairly similar to both of your decks. Normally, these articles consist of one player talking at us; it’s almost like we’re there with them, but not quite. With us listening to two people talk it’s a lot easier to see the different takes on the deck choices and to understand why we selected the route that we did, and which one is ultimately the better decision.

    Great discussion of potential ways to build a Sealed deck; there really should be more articles like this.

  3. mtgo is a ripoff I cant stand how people don’t excersize the discipline to stand up to this madness

    great article though, I really enjoy what you have been writing so far on this site!

  4. Yes, it definitely is a rip off/high way robbery. I don’t often play Sealed but SOM is interesting format with lots of interactions that I thought I give it a try. Luckily I went 3-1 for 4 packs not enough to cover the whopping 30 ticket fee though. 20 for a draft is kind of ridiculous as well.

  5. Interesting take on Sealed analysis. I would definitely love to see more of this in the future, but in this case, the rampant grammatical errors made it a chore to read. I don’t mean to nitpick over free content, since I love this site, but I would like to see the site continously improve, and for that to happen mistakes like this need to be addressed.

  6. Excellent article, I enjoyed the in depth conversations about each card in question in the two decks. I would definitely have gone red white as well, the other colors were very mediocre, and not nearly enough infect for that archetype either.

    On another note, it’s refreshing read high profile players slamming magic online like it should be slammed. I’m convinced that the $20 cost of drafts serves two valuable functions. First, the cost should help keep down the volume of players during prereleases, as their servers never have and probably never will be able to support the demand when a new set comes out. If enough of the extra players choose not to play, they may have they ability to keep stable servers and make much more money per draft. Genius!

  7. >>On another note, it’s refreshing read high profile players slamming magic online like it should be slammed.


    Great article, I really enjoyed the dialogue format.

  8. Further to solebush’s comment: the thing which annoys me most about MtGO’s prereleases is not the price – which I can at least respond to simply by choosing not to play – it’s the fact that it delays the real release by a week completely unnecessarily.

  9. I got 33$ bux back from my pre release crashing repeatedly and eventually dumping me from the tourny Round 3 after I won game 1 and went to side board. So it was a good deal: I tried again and went 3-1. so 27$ = 3 Wurmcoil and 16 packs. My friend also had the “Entire Pool is your deck” problem, all the massive fukups must have cost them heaps. But that client is soo jank really, they need to step it up, its 2010 for Gods sake! Get some proper servers and programers and make a slick client!!! How are they not making tons of money from it???

  10. One card I really don´t like is Myr Battlesphere.
    I´ve tried it in both sealed and draft and it has never done anything for me.
    If they are low enough on life that you can just kill them hen attacking it might be ok but every time I´ve ben able to cast it my opponent had an easy answer for it being it shatter or tumble magnet or arrest or something.
    And even if you get to attack with it they might have a blocker so you have to devote myrs to tap so you get any damage through risking to take even more yourself on the crack back.
    All in alla very dissapointing card that I think many people will value and take way to high in the upcomming weeks.

    As alwasy though I love your articles, both this and those you made with Manuel. I just wish you were back at SSG but can´t have it all I guess.

  11. Interesting article but I was amazed to see Olivier mention how terrible it is to stick poison/non-poison guys together yet makes no attempt to justify ichorclaw myr in his build. I think THAT guy should definitely have been the wall of tanglechord (seems to be the most underrated common in the set so far).

    re- refunds on modo. I tried to claim a refund when my sideboard refused to appear after everygame in my sealed. I went 3-1 but still got a partial refund of $16. this has happened to me a couple of times now so i’m not sure what everyone else’s issue is with compensation.

  12. Grammar and spelling is plenty good enough imo. Its not long ago the French didnt even learn english in school + the huge phonetical diff between French and English. Although grammar in general will always count its a Magic-site(free) were talking about = a midget in the internet-world and ppl reading it do so with loads of “pre-knowledge”.

    I also had problems with load screen in between games, both SBing and start of new games.

  13. Hi, first of all really nice article, interesting and helpfull,
    by the way i know contradicting you guys seems weird but i dont get a few point in your builds,
    for olivier’s one i dont see a point in playing shikari as antoine said, running just 2 very expensive and powerfull armor seems not the best for shikari to work, 2nd point neurok replica over wall seems not the best considering also you are splashing green, than i simply don’t agree with ichorclaw myr, the card seems underpowered in this archtype and even i understand you need to stop early rush it seems more profitable to run tumble magnet witch can do similar job and can also be recharged by stag or chrome steed witch is pretty good in a deck that runs 13/14 artifacts and seems good with 3 mana myrs. I also think argentum armor it’s not that good as you said ,and i agreed with you splashing green.
    Btw nice job guys

  14. Great article and am with you on the MODO comments I gave up playing online and haven’t regreted it. Wizards as a company dosen’t seem to be interested in the Community aspect of the game except for its commercial value which I think is one of the things really holding the game back from developing. To back this up I have worked with WOTC on several ocassions and thus have delt with the companies objectives and practices first hand.

  15. Glad you’re doing real articles now, they’re nice. I agree on Argentum Armor.

    About MODO… I feel ripped off too. The prerelease prize payout was lame. Back in Lorwyn it used to be really exciting to play releases.
    Also about PTQs, check out those payouts where 512 players get in with 30 tix ($15k+), and they reward with 1k to the winner a just 36 packs. Really lame. But we don’t stand up to it, we just fill the tournaments.

  16. I got comp when I won prizes in draft,
    Twice the draft stopped for me half way through and I went on to win 2 packs but they still comped me for a pack

  17. About the compensation policy, I don’t know why this happened to me, but here it is:

    I was playing in a sealed prerelease tournament with a pretty bad deck =( lost round one and just at the beginning of round two, the entire torunament crashed and everybody dropped.

    I asked for a compesation, and after reading their policy, I was expecting that they gave me like a 24 dollar credit. Instead I got a whooping 33 (!!!) and still kept all the cards and the pre-release promo. And that wasn’t even slow, less than 48 hours latter.

    I am pretty new on MODO (that was just my second torunament) but so far I can’t complain at all about the compensation policy!

  18. About refunds: if you ask for it and you have recieved prizes that are worth less than the entry fee you get a refund equal to the entry fee minus the price on the store of the prize you won (plus taxes if it’s the case).

    The 30tix sealeds are a bit expensive and offer low prizes but in a way it’s almost fair. Making it more expensive and giving less prizes makes less people play and makes the pre release card be worth something. If it was like the normal releases but it also gave the pre release card the servers would overload (even with these prizes it seems like it overloaded) and the pre release card would be worth close to nothing as the market would be flooded with it and also making the normal card be worth way less as its only real use would be for redeem.

    A 3-1 can probably leave you about even if you sell 4 packs for 16 tix, count the normal+foil pre release card as 2/3+4/5 and sell some cards right away (it obv deppends on what you open). I sold 2 Memnites for 1 tix each, which by the end of the normal releases will be worth way less. Some rares that won’t probably see play can be sold for 1 or 2 tix (unplayble mythics still hold their value most of the time so those don’t need to be sold fast).

    I which they were a bit cheaper or gave better prizes specially to the 3-1s (but also the 2-2s as 1 pack is pretty miserable). The real robbery are the 20 tix drafts. For 10 tix more you open 3 more packs (selling some chases uncommons, rares and mythics early is the main monetary reason to play these events) and you actually get to play 4 matches if ou want. If I open 0-2 in a sealed I’ll probably drop because even if I do win the next 2 I win 1 pack but some people want to play. Well paying 20 tix to a draft and get eliminated in the first round seems like a terrible waste of money. And comparing the winner of both events in the sealed you’re already up with only the packs but in the draft you have to sell some cards and/or count the pre release cards to be up.

    And the bugs are really annoying but at least you can always hope something goes wrong in case you open a terrible pool or the draft goes really wrong lol.

  19. One last thing: both the red and black trigons are playable without their colors. The black is the best one but even the red is good because you don’t have to use it but just the fact that you can trade your terrible guy for their good guy makes it go unblocked or them not attacking. It works really well with the +0/+3 shield.

    The green one is playable in infect mostly. 99% of the time it will be with green for obvious reason but it’s not because of the refilling, it’s more because you want to play it if you’re an infect deck.

    I would never play the blue one in the main. Only after 9!!! mana you start getting card advantage. Paying 11 mana, even in chunks of 5,2,2,2 to draw 3 cards is pretty bad. To play it you need blue mana and you only want to side it in when both decks are pretty slow.

    The white one is pretty bad. The only chance I would play it would be needing artifacts for metalcraft (having very good incentive to go metalcraft and wanting 1 more artifact, replacing nothing relevant as the non artifact I would play instead).

  20. I am SO glad to hear your complaints about the Robbery for 4322 drafts during the prerelease. I actually tried forming a conversation about it with the ORCS, but they literally had nothing to say about the matter. More like they were ignoring me. The odd thing was that I couldn’t seem to get the other players in the room to even be upset at the flat out thievery on WotC’s part. Thanks for bringing it to the fold and hopefully we won’t see outright financial rapery next prerelease.

  21. Yea MTGO is a big ripoff, bad clients bad payouts etc. You pay GP prize to play in a GP attendance (512 is more ppl than GP sydney, no?) for 1K to the winner and a box of packs…

    Ppl, in capitalism, you vote with your dollar… WotC will keep riping us off if we keep giving them our money. Stop playing MTGO. (def stop playing 500 man bad PTQs, 20 tix 4-3-2-2 drafts, etc).

  22. the problem is, there are too many people on earth who don’t have a PTQ within 300-500 miles distance. (or a prerelease within 100 miles) For them playing from within their own home seems brilliant. no matter the costs. We can complain, but we live in Paris, Amsterdam, Tokio, LA area, NY area etc.. with plenty of opportunities to play.

  23. I’ll still play the one local PTQ and travel to one or 2 ptqs in Coimbra or Spain that are not that far away but going from Porto to Lisboa to play a 100players ptq or play 3 or 4 ptqs for the same cost in money, I choose to play those 3 or 4 even if they’re much bigger. Not to mention that going to Lisboa means at least one night with not enough sleep while mtgo ptqs I can play some that fit into my schedule. The prizes here in Portugal are even worse than mtgo prizes so that’s not even a point in favor for irl ptqs. Also I haven’t needed to spend money on mtgo for a long time since consctructed finances my limited play. So even those 512 players with bad prizes ptqs are better than most ptqs for me.

  24. I really liked that article. Exactly what i want to read, a discussion between two very good players about certain cards, the format, the pool and so on.
    Its easy to read and much to learn from.

    Online PTQs are certainly ok despite the payout. but Prerelease events are not! I boycot them every time. Just wait a week for release events and be good (much higher payout)

  25. Ichorclawv Myr? Is that a typo for Perilous or something? It should not even be considered otherwise.
    Argentum Armor – I agree 100% with Oli, never cast or equip, too expensive for most pools.

    Keep the pools coming! Glad they dumped Darwin for you guys.

  26. Wow that’s a lot for a prerelease. I used to play MTGO merely for the drafts, because it’s hard to get them going in my area outside of release events. Then I came to my senses and realized paying retail price for digital cards is a waste of time. Outside of programming the cards, support, and keeping the servers going (as best they can), it’s all profit (I guess aside from set redemption).

    Honestly if they want to make MTGO worthwhile for people that play paper only, they really should have codes inside real magic packs that can be entered and redeemed for tickets/packs/promos online (kind of like how the wow ccg did). At least then I could justify spending so much on magic : (

  27. I try to just play one pre event because the cost is ridiculous but sometimes the game just gets to you. I wouldve played just one event if it wasn’t for going tilt 2-2 with a double skinrender, double grasp, double arc trail 4th turn battlesphere pool. But then I found out how to make up the money for both pools: crack koth and opal in the same event.

  28. One thing more on the robbery of MTGO….

    They want to make everything more or less the same as for the real packs, hence same pricing etc etc, and of course money is needed to develop and build the program (if they only would do it right….)

    But what I really find unfair is, that in real life you can buy boosterboxes. So why is Wizards us not giving that option to buy 36 virtual boosters for a discount price, like in real life. That is really bugging me….

  29. Gerwin: The reason they don’t give discounted prices is because they don’t sell digital cards in bulk, what they do in paper magic is sell the cases of cards to distributors which then the local card shops that you can buy cards from, or online stores, buy at much less than MSRP($4 a pack) They sell all their cards for MSRP for “Maintenance of the program” and “Continuing updates” When in all reality, the program hasn’t changed that much for 3+ years.

    they see 30 tix as 6 packs (4 tix each) and 1.5 packs prize support and that’s how they justify it…it really is highway robbery but not everyone can live in a high-density magic area where you can get a pre-release of 100+ people. If you don’t want to pay that price, like many have said before, wait until the release events.

  30. Deck #1 I think I would take out Ichorclaw Myr, Sunspear Shakari, and Neurok Replica for Chrome Steed, Wall of Tanglechord, and Tumble Magnet. Ichorclaw Myr = bad in this deck. Sunspear would be ok if you played the strider harness, but you really should be designing the deck to get to your bombs and win…since the bombs are just soo good…and harness is pretty weak. Chrome Steed fits pretty good into the win with bombs plan since you can usually get an opponent to use a shatter effect on him and then drop the sword or hellkite and win. I’m ok with Tumble Magnet since the deck just needs time to win.

    I can also see making a more aggressive deck and using Trigon of Rage in place of the Magnet…but playing to your bombs just seems better.

  31. MB, I think you severely underestimate the Battlesphere. Myr Battlesphere has won every game in which I have played it, played against it, or have seen it in play. Even if they can deal with the Battlesphere itself they still need to deal with all those tokens you just made…. The card is full of awesome (if it is on your side).

  32. They definitely give out partial compensation if you got partial prizes – this changed a year or two ago. Previously, it was as bad as the Ruel’s thought.

  33. I literally stopped reading after this:
    “When a card would be pretty good despite being played “off color”, I would put it in colorless (Myrs for instance), but when they shine a lot more in that color I would count it as colored. This is how I would count the blue, black and green Trigons as colorless as they are pretty good on their own but the other two as colored as they need to be refilled to be playables.”

    Seriously, saying that Trigon of Rage is only playable as a red card while Trigon of Infestation is fine to play off color reveals once again that you two just aren’t that good at Limited. Please give up and go back to posting Testing Match results.

  34. Trigon of Rage might be the most overestimated card in the set on these forums.
    No, the green one isn´t awsome either but peopel talk about ToR as if it was some kind of super awsome bomb.

    It´s basicly only good when you are ahead allready since most creatures are low thoughness anyway so even if you pump a dude they can use their worst creature to trade.
    The difference obviously being if you got guys with evasion.
    Also it´s useless on its own which is not true for the Black/Green Trigon making them somwhat better for that reason.

  35. @Koobz.
    Like I said, I´ve played with the Battlesphere and it has never ben good for me.
    Yes it will leave a bunch of tokens in play even if they kill it but those are 1/1 myrtokens which isn´t exactly awsome for 7 mana.

    It´s hard to kill (for an artifact creature) but it doesn´t matter when they don´t really have to kill it. It doesn´t fly, it doesn´t Trample, it need you to tap a bunch of creatures if you want to use its ability. and they can just chump with a 1/1 if you try to go big. If you could target creatures with the ability I would be on the train but from what I´ve seen it has simply ben a dissapointing underperforming card.

  36. While I don’t generally enjoy watching the “Hurr, bash wizards durr” discussions, the SOM release was botched pretty horribly.

    Oh, and cool article on the deck. Love the tu-tone dynamic.

  37. You have no idea how nice it is to see other people annoyed at the $20 4-3-2-2 draft. I asked an ORC and was responded that you get 3 packs and a promo! The promo is currently <$1.00 though so that doesn't really hold much water.

    This is the first pre-release were I drafted 0 times and I hope others did the same so Wizards can at least so us a modercure of respect.

    On a side note: MTGO is fine. For us older folk who can't get friends together to draft, this is a great way to play. Looking forward to release events…. unless drafts cost 4 packs but only give you 3…

  38. MTGO is a boon and a curse, it would be great to use as a tool, and playtest for hours. Unfortunately, I already have one playset of Jaces etc. in the paper realm (real life). I just cannot afford to buy another playset of everything I own in paper again to use online. Trading online is abysmal so acquiring cards is almost strictly draft/purchase. When all is said and done, most big tournaments are in paper: SCG.com 5K’s, Game Days, Nationals, States, Pro Tours, and Grand Prix, owning cards in paper is so much more of a priority.

    I also spend enough to do 1-2 drafts a week, and pre-releases, I dont think I could afford to pay twice even if I get the benefit of getting to play twice as much just to use MTGO. MTGO isn’t nearly as social as real life and chat between players is little more than bitching and emoticons.

    MTGO has a lot of benefits, but the costs are prohibitive if you are already heavily invested as a serious paper Magic player. I would love to be able to make infinite decks and play quickly, but many changes are in order IMHO.

    The costs of packs, event entry fees, and and prizes should be adjusted… To what exactly, I don’t really know. As it stands now the system works for many but it doesn’t work for me and I know I am not alone.

  39. Get used to the prices. They made well over a million dollars in a 4 days off the prereleases. That is insane, and they won’t be changing anytime soon. I agree that they are a terrible ripoff though, and I just waited for release events.

  40. I really liked this article, having the conversation about individual cards you chose to play or not to play, was much more informative than having 1 person say they do or dont like a card.

  41. @MB. I’m sorry but the fact that you think it’s not good and somehow has to also deal damage to the board (in which case it would be utterly and ridiculously imbalanced) just goes to show that you are probably playing this format too slow and allowing them to keep removal in hand for your inevitable big bomb.

    Myr battlesphere is awesome. It is an 8/7 on the that deals an additional +4 damage guaranteed. It gives you 4 chump blockers, activates metalcraft, and profitably blocks almost any ground threat in the format. You are complaining that they can chump block. That’s still card advantage.

    Sorry MB but you just revealed yourself to be a big n00b. There are drawbacks to myr battlesphere (mainly it’s cost) but you are complaining about things that are pretty silly.

  42. “Honestly if they want to make MTGO worthwhile for people that play paper only, they really should have codes inside real magic packs that can be entered and redeemed for tickets/packs/promos online (kind of like how the wow ccg did). At least then I could justify spending so much on magic : (”


    Seriously. This makes so much sense. Implementing this concept would encourage more paper magic as you’d get more value out of your draft / sealed / “lets see if I can lucksack a Jace” packs, plus; it would get more players involved online. The Wizards would profit from bith sides of the coin too, thereby keeping their pointy hats encrusted with over 9000 karat gold diamond mox opals. Everybody’s happy!

    (I do love these trips to magical Christmasland…)

  43. @Diogenis: So you say that I´m playing this format to slow and still you are the one that thinks that a 7 mana dude is awsome. I don´t really so those two working togather.

    So far I´ve done 8 drafts and a sealed and I have never done worse then 2-1 so no I don´t count myself as a noob.

    If you like the Battlesphere that´s fine but I have never seen it being anything but mediocre and until it prove itself I´ll think of it as mediocre. Would I play it, yeah I probably would because it can obviously win you a random game and it can help with clogging up the ground if you need that but I won´t be as excited to see it in my pool as I was the first time and I can think of a bunch of cards that I´d rather pick in draft.

  44. Myr Battlesphere rules in sealed, not a superbomb, but for 7 colorless mana it is doing its job perfectly. Great finisher, doing at least 4 to 6 direct damage when attacking and eating some guys in the process, as they need to block it ot death, otherwise next turn they take another 4 to 6.
    And hey, if they kill it with arrest or shatter, yes, 7 mana versus 2 or 3 mana they infested is a bit annoying, but it leaves at least 4 1/1 myrs. You cannot say that from other bombs, if they kill it, you have nothing left.
    For draft have no experience yet with the myr battlefield, but I think it will be fine as well for the same reason. Just more dependent on how aggro and fast your deck and your opponents deck is.

  45. Why don’t you run tumble magnet? With Glint Hawk and Glimmerpoint Stag, it seems more than reasonable.

  46. Just want to thank you guys for taking the time and going through the hassle of these problems on MTGO. Continue with the great reads and analysis!

  47. Personally, I’d play the Argentum armor in sealed because it is so devastating when resolved. The opponent either shatters it, or almost always loses. I’ve played against it three times now, each time it won my opponent the game through the bonus damage, vindicate, or forcing me to play around it to the point where he can kill me with other threats. Of course against very fast aggro decks it’s not that good but the rest of the deck (Loxodon Wayfarer, Neurok Replica, Wall of Tanglechord, Dispense Justice) should be able to keep those decks in check until you start vindicating.

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