Exploring the Cave of the Frost Dragon – Preview Highlight

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms is bringing us a new cycle of rare monocolor lands that happen to be creaturelands! Today, I chose to highlight Cave of the Frost Dragon since I believe it to be the best of its cycle, unlike Forbidding Watchtower, which was arguably the worst one of its cycle back in the day.


We’ve seen how important Faceless Haven has been in Standard and Historic strategies lately. Any monocolor aggro strategy can drastically improve its chances of winning by curving out with an untapped creatureland that happens to be really good in the late game or post-sweeper.

Cave of the Frost Dragon and Den of the Bugbear (the red creatureland) will be great additions to mono-white and mono-red aggro as additional creaturelands that happen to come into play untapped on turn one or two. 

There will certainly be some small tension between the number of snow basics necessary to activate Faceless Haven constantly and the number of creaturelands you can add to your aggro decks though. To give you an example of what I foresee happening in Mono-White and Mono-Red Aggro, look at Mono-Black Aggro in Historic. That deck plays 18 Snow-Covered Swamps, two Castle Locthwain and four Faceless Haven.


Celestial Colonnade

While Cave of the Frost Dragon won’t only see play in Mono-White Aggro, I can easily see this card slotting into any white-based control strategies that could pop up. It reminds me a lot of Celestial Colonnade as a 3/4 flying body that can certainly be a great way for a control deck to finish things off or to hold back opposing flyers too when you have six mana up.

The blue creatureland, Hall of the Storm Giant, has an activated abilities for 5U and becomes a 7/7 Giant with ward 3. That is indeed a great finisher as well, but costing one less and having flying is much better than the extra power and toughness in a control deck.

I wasn’t particularly impressed with the black creatureland, Hive of the Eye Tyrant, and the green one hasn’t been previewed yet, but I do love this new cycle of creaturelands and I’m happy they’re around in Standard and Historic.


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