Exclusive Zendikar Rising Preview Card – Maddening Cacophany

Mill decks got a new tool today, as my official preview cards (thanks to Wizards of the Coast, as always) gives them a flexible mill spell that scales up nicely. Let’s take a look at Maddening Cacophany!










Two mana for eight cards is a great deal to start with (only Glimpse the Unthinkable does better), and that’s just where this starts. For another four mana, you get the full Traumatize experience, making this a fine mill spell to fire off early or late. There is a funny thing going on where you get more value if you save your mill cards until after you’ve chopped their library in half, so consider waiting on follow-up spells if you know you’ll be able to kick this.

Note that Hedron Crab got a reprint in the form of Ruin Crab (exact same card but can’t target you), so mill may be back on the menu. I do like that all these new mill cards can’t self-target, as it allows them to be better without the fear of enabling nonsense dredge-type decks.

For up to date previews, check out our new spoilers page at channelfireball.com/spoilers – Zendikar is rising quickly, and you don’t want to miss out!

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