ex Evolutions Return to Pokemon TCG In Scarlet & Violet

Set for a release in 2023, the first Scarlet & Violet expansion to the Pokemon TCG is expected to bring a lot of exciting new Pokemon to the game, as well as offering new mechanics that will shake up the meta. The Pokemon Company International (TPCI) has largely kept silent on what we’ll be seeing in the set, but we’ve got the first spoilers revealed at the Pokemon Worlds tournament: Koraidon ex and Miraidon ex. 

These are the “face” legendary Pokemon of the upcoming videogame, so it makes sense to be hyping up their presence in the upcoming TCG expansion. However, other than being cool legendary monsters, what do these cards mean for the game?

Collectible Evolutions

Charizard EX (XY29)M Charizard EX (108/106)Charizard (010/078)

Pokemon featuring the ex typeline are great for collectors, as in many cases it doubles the numbers for potential fan favorites. For example, the set very well may have both a regular Charizard and a Charizard ex, so if you love your Charizards you’re getting double the value for your trade binder.

Power for Prizes

Speaking of double, you’ll notice that ex Pokemon are worth double prizes when defeated. This is not, by any means, a new mechanic, but it does mean you can expect games to continue to move quickly with the first Scarlet & Violet release. Most ex Pokemon come packed with abilities that are strong enough to justify this “downside,” so you can expect to see some big swings with lots of prizes changing hands.

New Legendary… Bikes?

Finally, for the obvious, these new Pokemon will have an impact on the game themselves, so let’s stop and take a look at these bike-shaped Pokemon. A lot of information isn’t visible on their cards (missing costs, health, and so on) but their abilities are on full display. Miraidon appears the stronger of the two at a glance, since their attacks are equal but their abilities are less so. Miraidon can search up basics you need but still gets to swing, while Koraidon can recur energy (an admittedly more powerful ability!) but ends the turn immediately. Both have to take a turn off from attacking after swinging, so their abilities still give you something to do with your turn even when they’re recharging, so both still look perfectly viable at a glance. 

Exceptional Examples

M Gengar EX (121/119)M Ampharos EX (88/98)Malamar EX (115/119)

Before we go, it’s best to get a reminder of just how great ex Pokemon have been in the past. Mega Gengar ex can copy the strongest ability in the opponent’s arsenal, Mega Ampharos ex keeps the opposition paralyzed while dealing solid damage (though with some risk with that recoil damage- remember they’re worth double prizes!), and Malamar can similarly lock down the opposition while whittling down their HP. If we get Pokemon that mimic even a fraction of this kind of power we’ll be in a real good place with the release of Scarlet & Violet. What Pokemon do you want to see an ex version of?

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