Esper Angels is Breaking the Week One Standard Meta


Standard Esper Angels by Arne Huschenbeth




Week One of Streets of New Capenna Standard is dominated by Ob Nixilis, the Adversary and Meathook Massacre decks. What’s good against both of those cards? Flyers and high toughness. Here comes the meta-breaking solution – Esper Angels! 

Giada, Font of HopeInspiring OverseerRaffine's TowerLinvala, Shield of Sea Gate

Giada, Font of Hope pushes the Angel tribe into tier one territory. A 2/2 with flying and vigilance is already a strong baseline stat-wise for a two-drop creature. Adding the ability to ramp out Angels and to increase their size is unreasonably good in the right deck. 

Inspiring Overseer gives the deck a solid three-drop to smooth out your draws and make the deck better against spot removal.

The addition of Raffine’s Tower is enabling the deck to easily splash blue and play Linvala, Shield of Sea Gate. Linvala helps to shore up the weak spot of the Angels Archetype – sweepers like Doomskar, Depopulate and Burn Down the House. In addition to Linvala, Esper gains the ability to counter problematic spells with Disdainful Stroke and Spell Pierce out of the sideboard as well as playing Kaito Shizuki to go around sweepers and creature removal.

Angels are known to prey on creature decks by overpowering them with a gigantic army of flyers. The addition of blue helps against opponents trying to deal with your threats. All in all, you should better be prepared for Angels in the coming days (or choose to play them yourselves). They are a force to be reckoned with.


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