Enchantress Makes Top 8 in the Modern Challenge!


Modern Enchantress by ikero_



One of the biggest issues facing Modern players who prefer to play off-meta strategies is that it’s hard to find a Tier 2 deck that’s favored versus both Murktide and Omnath. It often feels like you’re stuck trying to dodge one of those matchups, but Enchantress is an interesting and underplayed strategy that seems to be a good way to combat all of the Tier 1 decks in Modern (Murktide, Omnath, Living End and Hammer Time). MTGO user ikero_ took this list to a Top 8 finish in this Sunday’s Modern challenge.

Solitary ConfinementSterling Grove

Sometimes a metagame choice like this one boils down to a single card that’s well positioned versus all of the decks to beat. For Enchantress, Solitary Confinement is the main draw to the archetype as the card is exceedingly difficult for Murktide, Living End and Hammer Time to beat. The deck is also easily capable of absolutely burying the Omnath deck in card advantage while dodging creature based removal with Sterling Grove

Blood Moon

Enchantress does struggle versus big mana decks like Tron and Titan, but tries to hedge versus those matchups with some main deck copies of Blood Moon (and the hopes of dodging the matchup).

If you’re looking for a well positioned off-meta deck to try, there are few that I could recommend over Enchantress, and I hope to see more players trying the deck in tournaments over the next couple of weeks.


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  1. Nice. I’m pretty new to magic. I like the off meta decks as they tend to also cost less. My question (because I’m dumb) is I don’t see a clear wincon. Is the plan that they just scoop because they can’t do anything with the solitary confinement up?

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