Elias Watsfeldt and Ryuji Murae Win Players Tour Online

After the COVID-19 Pandemic put a stop to major in-person Magic tournaments for 2020, the Players Tour series moved online to Arena. Players who qualified for these events were given the choice of four time slots, set to accommodate players from all over the world. June 13th and 14th saw the first two Players Tour Online play out. And the story of the weekend was Wilderness Reclamation.

Players Tour Online 1 was a very Simic affair. The Top 8 featured 32 copies of Breeding Pool and 32 copies of Growth Spiral. There were six Temur Reclamation players in the Top 8: Joonas Eloranta, Elias Watsfeldt, Kazuhiro Nione, Simon Görtzen, Dominik Görtzen, and Jeong Woo Cho. The other two Top 8 competitors – Louis-Samuel Deltour and Shinsuke Hayashi – were playing Bant Ramp.

The final match pitted Dominik Görtzen against Elias Watsfeldt. Watsfeldt had to play the mirror twice to make the finals while Görtzen took out the two Bant Ramp pilots. Watsfeldt made it a clean sweep as he took down the mirror in three games.

Elias Watsfeldt - Temur Reclamation - Winner Players Tour Online 1

Players Tour Online 2 was also all about Wilderness Reclamation. While the archetype was not as dominant in the second tournament – around 39% of the Day 2 field compared to around 46% for Players Tour Online 1 – it still took down half the Top 8. Players wielding Temur Reclamation in the Top 8 included Ally Warfield, Abe Corrigan, Ryuji Murae, and Jean-Emmanuel Depraz. The rest of the Top 8 was varied, with Eduardo Sajgalik and Christoffer Larsen on Jund Sacrifice (with Larsen using Jengatha, the Wellspring as a companion), Eli Loveman on Rakdos Sacrifice, and Keven Perez on Sultai Ramp.

As with Players Tour Online 1, the finals were a Temur Reclamation mirror. Ryuji Murae, and Jean-Emmanuel Depraz went the full three games. The final game saw copies of Expansion // Explosion from both sides go for less than lethal as the finalists tried to dance around interaction. In the end, Ryuji Murae dealt the lethal blow and won the second Players Tour Online.

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