Eldrazi Tron Makes a Comeback with a Top 8 Finish!


Modern Eldrazi Tron by kuriroy2567



This weekend MTGO user kuriroy2567 took this 75 to a Top 8 finish in a Modern Challenge, and I’ve also seen the deck popping up a lot at the local RCQ level. While many old Tier 1 decks in Modern have fallen to obscurity over the last few years, Eldrazi Tron always seems to survive as an archetype, if only as a solid metagame call.

Chalice of the Void (Timeshifted)Karn, the Great CreatorUgin, the Spirit Dragon

Right now in Modern, getting to main-deck four copies of Chalice of the Void is particularly attractive with Living End, Murktide, Hammer Time and Burn occupying such a huge percentage of the format. A big issue with many Chalice of the Void decks is that Four-Color Omnath (the deck that many consider to be “the deck to beat”) can largely ignore the card. This makes Eldrazi Tron an excellent option as its both a deck that is able to easily main-deck Chalice while also being able to overwhelm the Omnath deck with huge amounts of mana and powerful planeswalkers like Karn, the Great Creator and Ugin, the Spirit Dragon.

I encourage players who enjoy the archetype to dust it off, at least while it’s well positioned. 


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