Egg Tribal with Atla Palani! – EDH Showcase

Egg tribal decks are a little tricky to put together, considering that there aren’t even ten EDH-legal Egg cards in existence. David Solomon, however, wasn’t put off by this, and managed to build a deck that goes a long way in achieving the lofty goal of Egg tribal, thanks to Atla Palani, Nest Tender – recently reprinted in Double Masters 2022.

Atla Palani makes Egg tokens that hatch into, well, who-knows-what, and this deck is built to support her in her incubation of enormous creatures. Eggs, huge monsters, splashy random effects and a few changeling cards to make up the difference – what more could you want in a deck?




Egg Tribal by David Solomon

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As I said, there aren’t a lot of Eggs in Magic. Dragon Egg, Roc Egg, Rukh Egg… we start to run out very quickly. Of course, Atla Palani makes Eggs as well, but we need a few more than that – so there are a bunch of changelings in here, for good measure. Cards like Universal Automaton and Impostor of the Sixth Pride are extra “Eggs”, while Irregular Cohort is something of a double-yolker – two eggs for the price of one. 

Etali, Primal StormSomberwald BeastmasterUtvara Hellkite

And the payoff for cracking these Eggs? I mean, just look at the mana curve – it completely blows out at six and above. Every time an Egg dies, you’re likely to get something like an Etali, Primal Storm, Somberwald Beastmaster or Utvara Hellkite. In a nod to Atla Palani’s being a resident of Ixalan, there are a lot of huge Dinosaurs in this deck – a beautiful marriage of gameplay and flavor.

Thousand-Year ElixirMagewright's StonePhyrexian AltarGoblin Bombardment

As for Atla Palani’s Egg-laying ability, there are a few ways in which it can be exploited or put to more effective use. Thousand-Year Elixir and Magewright’s Stone help with activating Atla Palani, while Phyrexian Altar and Goblin Bombardment give you free sacrifice outlets to help you crack the Eggs Atla Palani creates for you. 

Winds of ChangeScroll Rack

Finally – what happens if you draw too many of your huge monsters, and can’t yet cast them? You can put them back in your library, ready to be cheated into play with Atla Palani, with things like Winds of Change and Scroll Rack. Use Scroll Rack to put Zetalpa on top of your deck, then sacrifice an Egg and all of a sudden you’ve got an eight-drop in play. Simple!

This isn’t a traditional tribal deck – no Vanquisher’s Banner or Herald’s Horn in this one – but as ever, it’s great to see weird tribal synergies being put to good use. Thanks again to David for sending this terrific list in!


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