Drowning in Value with Modern Dimir Control


Modern Dimir Control by THREE0



There are a lot of ways to get value in Modern, and like a Scooby Doo villain, Lurrus of the Dream-Den is hiding behind most of them. Today’s deck is no exception, though it’s got a more controlling approach than most. Let’s take a look at Dimir Control!


Header - The Game Plan

Use discard, cheap removal and counters to answer anything the opponent does, while gaining card advantage from Snapcaster Mage and Lurrus.

This is a low-to-the-ground control deck, with tons of cheap cards, but make no mistake – it’s definitely a control deck, unlike the aggro-control decks such as Grixis Shadow. Discard into counterspell into Snapcaster is a nice curve, with Tourach, Dread Cantor and Archmage’s Charm to put you ahead on cards.


Header - Key Cards

Lurrus of the Dream-Den

Lurrus is not-so-secretly the best card in Modern, and this is another deck that aims to trade resources and summon Lurrus to end the game. It’s great with Mishra’s Bauble, Snapcaster, Tourach and even Spreading Seas sometimes, or Engineered Explosives out of the sideboard.

Snapcaster MageTourach, Dread Cantor

Both the 2/1’s in this deck set you up to win card advantage battles nicely, and both kind of cheat Lurrus’ restriction (since they’re two-drops that really cost three or foyr mana). Plus, I love Snapcaster and Thoughtseize decks – they get to disrupt the opponent so easily.

Inquisition of KozilekThoughtseize (Timeshifted)

Turn one discard is great against any deck, and really puts a damper on anyone trying to assemble synergies. This also helps you know what to save removal for, and the extra information is worth quite a bit.

Spreading Seas

This is a funny one, but it’s done good work lately. It outright kills Urza’s Saga, and can color screw unwitting opponents (while also dealing with any other lands with special abilities).

Drown in the LochArchmage's CharmCounterspell

The full-on 12 counters is what makes this deck a nightmare for any midrange or combo matchups. Being able to stop anything is huge against the field, and even against low-curve decks, Archmage’s Charm is ready to yoink their one-drops.

Bloodchief's ThirstFatal PushMurderous Cut

Efficient removal is important in decks like this, as they need to answer multiple threats a turn. These spells also let the deck play well on two to four lands, which is key when you have this much card selection. It’s a real advantage to not really need lands five and beyond, and cheap removal makes that possible.


Header - Tips and Tricks


Header - Drowning with Value

This deck is a different take on the LurrusBauble Industrial Complex, and if you prefer to play for a longer game, Dimir is a great choice. I know I do, and this is one of the strategies I enjoy most.


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