Draw, Discard, Fling with Rielle, the Everwise – EDH Showcase

The moment you reveal Rielle to a table, they’re going to expect a bunch of wheels, and anticipate you drawing and discarding huge amounts of cards in order to churn through your deck. Not this time, however! Today, we’ve got a spicy Rielle brew that takes a different angle altogether – this, my friends, is a deck built around Fling

Rielle? Playing Fling? You betcha. This deck uses cards that care about instants and sorceries to make colossal creatures – like Rielle herself – then uses Fling effects to chuck them upstairs and kill opponents. The list comes to use from Nicolò Cuzzocrea, and if you’re a fan of unorthodox Izzet lists, this might just be right up your alley. 




Rielle Fling by Nicolò Cuzzocrea

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Firstly, let’s have a look at the “creature suite” – the cards that are ultimately fed to the Fling effects. Like Rielle, Crackling Drake grows to enormous proportions with a full graveyard, while cards like Serpentine Curve, Invade the City, Experimental Overload and Seize the Storm all create huge tokens based on the spells in your graveyard. 

FlingThudSoul's FireChandra's Ignition

Once you have an enormous monster ready, there is a wide selection of ways to send it straight upstairs. There’s Fling (of course) Kazuul’s Fury and Thud, but also ways that don’t actually require you to sacrifice the creature. Soul’s Fire, Gravitic Punch and the mighty Chandra’s Ignition, which – if the game has gone long enough – might just kill everybody in one go.

Shattered PerceptionWindfallFaithless LootingFrantic Search 

Of course, even if we’re not playing a “proper” wheel deck, it doesn’t mean we can’t play some wheels, as a little treat. There’s Shattered Perception, Change of Fortune, Windfall and other smaller looting effects as well, like Faithless Looting, Frantic Search and Pirate’s Pillage. They’re great with Rielle, obviously, but in addition they’re great at not only finding your big monsters, but also juicing them up more and more. 

Psychosis Crawler

My personal favorite thing about this deck, however, is the copy of Psychosis Crawler. The first Magic card I ever had, I’ve always had a soft spot for Psychosis Crawler, and it’s obviously excellent in a deck that looks to draw so many cards. It was ahead of its time too, hitting the entire table rather than just one opponent at a time. Plus, with all the no-hand-limit effects in the deck, it’s going to get pretty big as well!

I like being surprised at the EDH table when someone sits down with a certain commander and you expect a certain strategy, only to be blindsided by a new, unorthodox approach to building around it. Nicolò has certainly done that, and this deck is both extremely synergistic and extremely sweet. If you’ve got a similarly cool deck, send it in via Twitter DM!


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