Drafting Multicolor Green in Modern Horizons 2 Limited

Green is my favorite color in Modern Horizons 2 Limited. Specifically, multicolor decks with a green base are exceptionally strong and easy to build.

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Header - What's to Like?

Some of the Modern Horizon 2 Limited archetypes, such as R/B Madness and W/R Modular, are very linear and driven by synergy. This means that they can be very powerful, but that there’s also a fail rate. If you set out to draft these decks but wind up fighting with a neighbor over colors, or missing key pieces from your finished product, your deck can be a disaster. 

Multicolor green decks almost never go this badly. For one thing, they’re not linear, so you can always round out your last handful of slots with some average creatures or situational removal spells. For another, you have more colors worth of cards to work with. If you start out drafting Gruul, you can always pivot into Temur if the red cards stop flowing.


Radiant EpicureRoad // RuinEthersworn SphinxProphetic Titan

Most importantly, Modern Horizons 2 Limited is packed with uncommons and rares that are off the charts in terms of power level. When you draft multicolor green, you get to pick all of the premium cards you see across all colors and archetypes.


Header - How Does It Work?

Rift SowerOrnithopter of ParadiseTanglepool Bridge

Rift Sower and Ornithopter of Paradise are the most important commons. Because there are two commons that allow you to ramp your mana and produce all colors, you’re really set up for success. Additionally, there’s a common cycle of 10 dual lands that are extremely valuable because they also allow you to tap into artifact synergies. 

Beyond that, there’s landcycling, Treasures and tons of uncommons and rares that help you fix your mana as well. 

Your most common core will be U/G, because Wavesifter is an excellent payoff common for a ramp deck. Note that the U/G color combination has a theme of tokens – specifically Treasures, Food and Clues. You can choose whether or not to go hard on these synergies, but just having a bunch of investigate will serve you well in long games.

Bant is a common color combination, since it supports the powerful Ethersworn Sphinx.

R/G based decks are also common, and have a theme of suspend cards with storm. Black is the least common color to play, although Radiant Epicure is an incredible payoff card if you can get it. 


Header - A Simple Formula

Here’s my (very simplified) strategy for drafting multicolor green in Modern Horizons 2 Limited.

  1. Top priority is to pick the premium rares and uncommons that don’t depend on heavy synergies. In other words, I’m happy to take Dakkon, Shadow Slayer, which is great any time you cast it, but not Zabaz, the Glimmerwasp, which is archetype specific and requires a lot of support.
  2. Second priority is non-land mana fixing. Rift Sower and Ornithopter of Paradise are better than any other commons, including removal spells and Bannerhide Krushok.
  3. Third priority are the strong nonland cards and artifact dual lands. Feel free to take a dual land from any pack where there isn’t a standout card. As your draft develops, you’ll get a better feel for how important the artifact lands will be for you, which colors you need them to produce, and what constitutes a strong nonland card. For example, Mine Collapse and Unholy Heat are strong if red is a base color, but there’s no reason to spend high picks on them if you’re only lightly splashing red. 
  4. Finally, round out the deck with vanilla creatures and situational removal spells. I like to pick up cards like Crack Open because they’re great sideboard cards, but they’re also not embarrassing to put in your main deck if you wind up a little short.
  5. Avoid low-impact cards that won’t pull their weight. When you have a high density of mana sources, you need your spells to do more for you, or else you’re at risk of flooding. Also avoid weaker archetype specific cards. Personally, I think that Glimmer Bairn and Galvanic Relay are mostly traps, even if it looks like they’re going to fit well with your deck.


Header - Sample Decks


This was a sealed deck. Opening two Rift Sowers, Yavimaya Elder and Terramorph put me in a great spot to build a multicolor green deck and play my best cards from all colors. Thankfully, I also opened tons of awesome cards including two planeswalkers! Note that I avoided going down the R/B Madness synergy path in favor of individual card quality instead.

The following are all draft decks.



The core of this deck was three Wavesifters, but I splashed one card each of white, red and black. I didn’t mind playing a situational Flourishing Strike and an unexciting Deepwood Denizen in order to round out the deck. 



This is the heaviest I’ve gone into the U/G tokens archetype with two Fae Offerings and two Filigree Attendants. I still didn’t play with Glimmer Bairn.



This was more or less plain Bant, but I played some half-off-color dual lands for Glinting Creeper and the activation of Ravenous Squirrel. The dual lands are simply very good cards, and incidentally help you with affinity for artifacts.



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