Dollar Store Budget Izoni – EDH Showcase

EDH can be a very expensive format. Between format and archetype staples being quite pricey, mana bases relying on in-demand high-quality fixing and the price of filling out a 100-card deck, Commander lists can often end up having a pretty steep price tag. Not today, however – this list, sent in by FungroveElder, is entitled “Dollar Store Izoni”, and for good reason. The most expensive cards in this list are around a buck, and the whole list comes together for about $40 or $50. 

That’s not bad – especially when it actually packs quite a punch. Often there’s a significant trade-off between power and price, but this list manages to hit the sweet spot and offers a synergistic, powerful deck at a very reasonable price indeed. 




Dollar Store Izoni by FungroveElder

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Obviously, we’re interested in filling the ‘yard with as many creatures as possible so as to take advantage of Izoni’s enter-the-battlefield ability. To that end, the deck has plenty of self-mill cards designed to make sure your undergrowth count is nice and high – Satyr Wayfinder, Skull Prophet and Acolyte of Affliction get the graveyard nice and full early on. 

Bloodflow ConnoisseurMoldervine Reclamation

Once you’ve got a full graveyard and have made a thousand little bugs with Izoni, what to do with them? There’s a tasty little sacrifice subtheme running through this deck, to take advantage of the countless insect tokens you’ll generate – you can feed them to cards like Bloodflow Connoisseur or Bloodthrone Vampire, drawing cards all the while with Fecundity and Moldervine Reclamation

There are a lot of “whenever a nontoken creature dies” cards in this deck, too, which suggests you’re happy enough to sacrifice actual creatures in addition to all the tokens you’ll generate. And with cards like Golgari Germination and Midnight Reaper, it’s not as if you’ll be running out of tokens or cards at any point. 

Turntimber SowerTilling Treefolk

It’s not just all about creatures in the ‘yard, however – seeing as we’re filling the graveyard, we may as well make use of the lands that will end up there, as well. Turntimber Sower rewards you with more sacrifice fodder when you mill over lands, while Tilling Treefolk can fill up your hand. 

Whisper, Blood LiturgistBlood for BonesHornet QueenEnd-Raze Forerunners

Finally, this deck is capable of big finishes, and can even get to them a little ahead of schedule with options like Whisper, Blood Liturgist and Blood for Bones, you can reanimate huge monsters like Hornet Queen and End-Raze Forerunners to do a budget-friendly impersonation of Craterhoof Behemoth plus Avenger of Zendikar!

Playing EDH doesn’t have to break the bank. It’s fine to play with expensive and powerful decks, but there’s also nothing wrong with sticking to a budget – and as this list shows, it doesn’t prevent you from brewing focused, synergistic decks that have a clear purpose and execute it well. Your mana might not be as smooth and your cards might not be as flashy, but you’ll still have a great time. 

As ever, feel free to submit lists of your own you’d like featured as part of this column, especially any budget decks you might have – the best way to do this is on Twitter, via DM!


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