DIY Yawg’s Bargain – Modern Undying Combo – Deck Highlight


Modern Undying Combo by MrSeri


Yawgmoth, Thran Physician has driven combo decks in Modern for quite some time now, but thanks the Modern Horizons 2 and Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, it picked up some upgrades. Let’s take a look at Modern Undying Combo!


Header - The Game Plan

Combine Yawgmoth with Geralf’s Messenger and Strangleroot Geist (or Young Wolf) to continuously sac and bring back undying creatures. By putting a -1/-1 counter on one, you remove the +1/+1 counter, and can then sac and return over and over.

Geralf’s Messenger drains the opponent to death, but even double Young Wolf or the like will draw you a bunch of cards, and thanks to Prosperous Innkeeper, you now have a good way to gain all that life back.


Header - Key Cards

Yawgmoth, Thran Physician (Timeshifted)

Yawg is a powerful card even outside the combo, and is definitely what drives the deck. Despite playing eight tutors that can go get it, you still want four Yawgs.


Strangleroot GeistGeralf's MessengerYoung Wolf

These are your undying crew, and you want to max out on them as well, since you need to find two of them. They also provide a decent beatdown element, as they can combine nicely to pressure the opponent.


Eldritch EvolutionChord of Calling

These tutors can fetch up any piece of the combo, or a bunch of the one-of toolbox creatures the deck plays as well. Chord of Calling in particular is quite strong with Wall of Roots, and can let this deck value the opponent to death.


Ignoble Hierarch

Having a great mana dork is an upgrade for the deck, and this taps for the colors you want while opening the door to beatdown draws. This is much stronger than Birds of Paradise.


Blood ArtistProsperous Innkeeper

Both of these make cycling Young Wolves into a win, and Innkeeper even ramps your mana while doing so.


Header - Opening Hands

This deck wants to get on the board quickly, and wants to see openers that include cheap creatures more than anything else. All the tutors mean that finding the combo isn’t the hard part – it’s dumping permanents in a timely fashion that is.


Ignoble HierarchYoung WolfWall of RootsProsperous InnkeeperStrangleroot GeistForest (#280)Blooming Marsh

Keep. This hand doesn’t have a big action card, but getting all these creatures out by turn three gives you a ton of outs to just win.


Grist, the Hunger TideIgnoble HierarchBlood ArtistBlooming MarshBlooming MarshOvergrown TombUrborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth

Keep. A turn two Grist is pretty strong, even if that’s all you have.


Header - Tips and Tricks

  • Against control or aggro decks, don’t be afraid to play the value game. It’s only against combo that it’s critical that you outrace them.
  • Despite it being bugged on Magic Online, you can tap Wall of Roots to Chord and remove a counter to pay as well, making it add two mana effectively.
  • Grist is fetchable with your tutors, making all of them removal as well as combo enablers.


Header - DIY Yawgmoth's Bargain

This deck got some meaningful upgrades recently, and is a solid choice in today’s Modern. Good luck, and don’t forget your LSVeetles if you play it in paper:



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