Ditch the Faeries in Pauper for UB Control!


Pauper UB Control by Heisen01



Dimir Faeries is one of the pillars of the Pauper format. Blue gives you super powerful spells like Preordain, Brainstorm and Counterspell while black gives you premium removal such as Snuff Out and Cast Down. Today however, I won’t be showing you any Spellstutter Sprites or Faerie Seers, but rather a control deck featuring Mystical Teachings! Heisen01 is a Pauper master as well as part of the Pauper Format Panel, and he split the final of Sunday’s Pauper Challenge on Magic Online with UB Control!

Thorn of the Black RoseAugur of BolasCounterspellMystical Teachings

Forget Forbidden Alchemy – Pauper control decks today rely on Thorn of the Black Rose to get ahead while keeping the board in check.

I’m enjoying a lot Pauper lately and found out that Dimir Faeries has a huge problem dealing with Makeshift Munitions, a card played by Affinity and Goblins Combo that can only be killed by Hydroblast post-sideboard. However, the tech that Heisen01 came up with is Debt to the Kami, an upgraded Pharika’s Libation that’s not only able to exile the Munitions, but is also an instant that can be grabbed with Mystical Teachings.

If you’re tired of seeing your Faeries dying in a Fiery Cannonade, then UB Control is the deck for you!


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