Delina’s Dice – Budget Standard with LegenVD

Delina's Dice - Standard




Today’s Standard budget deck requires only 20 common, 12 uncommon and eight rare wildcards. This is a blue/red Delina’s Dice Rolling deck that will test your skills, and most importantly, your luck!


Pixie GuideDelina, Wild MageBarbarian Class

The centerpiece of the deck is Delina, Wild Mage. This card can potentially win the game in a single attack, assuming luck is on your side. To improve the odds, you can copy a Pixie Guide with Delina’s attack trigger. This will generate more copies of Pixie Guide, in turn improving your odds with each trigger. Barbarian Class has a similar effect and, when leveled up, can both deal extra damage and grant haste to the team, which can set up a surprise win out of nowhere.


Expressive IterationSeize the SpoilsContact Other Plane

To help assemble these different dice rolling synergies, you can count on Expressive Iteration, Seize the Spoils and Contact Other Plane. These cards will help churn through the deck until we find Delina and as many copies of Barbarian Class and Pixie Guide as you can get in play.


Farideh, Devil's ChosenScion of StygiaFrost Bite

Rounding out the deck, you have two copies of Farideh, Devil’s Chosen. While not essential to the strategy, it does provide a nice card draw engine that can take some of the heat off Delina. Scion of Stygia offers instant speed interaction which can buy you more time to assemble the combo, while also being a decent target for Delina’s attack trigger, especially combined with a level two Barbarian Class. Frost Bite is the reason why you’re playing with snow-covered basics and, alongside Thundering Rebuke, it provides cheap creature interaction.


Riverglide Pathway // Lavaglide PathwaySnow-Covered IslandSnow-Covered Mountain


The mana base includes Riverglide Pathway as the second rare card in the deck, a safe investment with plenty of decks that use it. The snow-covered basics are important for Frost Bite


Header - The Sideboard

While the deck currently can’t be played as Best-of-Three in the 2022 Standard queue, I’ll provide some sideboard suggestions for anyone interested in playing it in regular Standard or the upcoming rotation.


Crush the WeakTundra FumaroleThe Deck of Many ThingsNegate

When facing aggressive creature decks, you can bring in sweepers like Crush the Weak or Cinderclasm. Tundra Fumarole can potentially be a free removal spell if you can make use of the colorless mana. For grindy matchups, you can turn to card advantage engines like The Deck of Many Things or Wizard’s Spellbook, although the latter is most likely too expensive for Standard. Negate and Disdainful Stroke are always useful options to have access to and they play well alongside some of our instants like Contact Other Plane.


Header - Upgrades

Faceless HavenDen of the BugbearGlasspool Mimic // Glasspool Shore

One land that could be worth including is Faceless Haven. You can’t play too many copies without compromising the rest of the mana base, but it can provide an extra angle of attack. Adding Faceless Haven might require the tapped Volatile Fjord to balance out the mana base. Den of the Bugbear could fill the same role while still providing colored mana. Glasspool Mimic is another utility land that can give us even more copies of Pixie Guide for the combo.


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