Deck of the Day – Modern Bring to Light Mirror-Breaker

Splinter Twin is banned from Modern. Deceiver Exarch shot up in price and, of course, shot back down with its partner in crime leaving the scene—but the Deceiver combo decks aren’t dead quite yet.

Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker may be more vulnerable to many of the spells in Modern, since killing a 2/2 creature isn’t necessarily a challenge, but it does stick around in play and potentially add serious value, even at 5 mana. You get to utilize Kiki-Jiki with Restoration Angel, an independently powerful creature in Modern—unlike Exarch. Getting to triple-red isn’t the easiest task, however.

A green-based shell can do the best job of getting the required mana to cast all the spells we want. Arbor Elf in conjunction with Utopia Sprawl can ramp you to the triple-red you need fairly early in the game. Birds of Paradise and Sylvan Caryatid can also help ramp your mana while fixing your colors.

Bring to Light is where the deck really comes together. A fully converged Bring to Light means you have access to even more copies of Kiki-Jiki. Already have Kiki? Maybe a Restoration Angel is what you need. The fact that Bring to Light can get some bullets that win the game on their own, such as Sigarda, Host of Herons or Obstinate Baloth, is the kind of versatility you need to succeed with a creature deck in Constructed. Being able to search up an Acidic Slime or Glen Elendra Archmage to break up an opponent’s strategy or stop them from interacting with you is pure upside.

This particular deck features 4 copies of Glittering Wish. The Wish cycle is very powerful, but it also severely limits your sideboard options. Being able to go get a silver bullet out of the sideboard to win a game is excellent, and getting access to even more Bring to Lights is nice, but the cost is severe. I greatly dislike having no sideboard to use after game 1. The bonus of having access to all of your sideboard cards in game 1 is nice, but adding 2 additional mana to many of the powerful options Modern has available as sideboard cards weakens them enough that it isn’t as exciting to me. Further restricting yourself to only having gold cards in the sideboard and cards like Safewright Quest, is not where I want to be.

Outside of the 14-gold-card Glittering Wish sideboard, I like much of what this deck is doing. Various incarnations of Kiki-Jiki combo are sure to be a player in Modern going forward.

Bring to Light Kiki

J65536D, 5-0 in an MTGO Modern League

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