Deck Highlight: Standard Temur Adventures


Standard Temur Adventures by Noriyuki Mori


Temur Adventures with Obosh, the Preypiercer as a companion used to be one of the major forces in Zendikar Rising Standard, even after the ban of Lucky Clover. The engine of Edgewall Innkeeper alone was enough to make the deck tick. 


Goldspan DragonThe Great Henge


Previously, the deck relied heavily on Genesis Ultimatum and Terror of the Peaks, whereas Noriyuki Mori’s list that Top 8’d the latest SCG Tour PTQ is relying on Goldspan Dragon and The Great Henge as powerful engines to go around the Temur Adventures plan.


Midnight ClockOx of Agonas


Mori made plenty of interesting choices during their deckbuilding process. They were definitely afraid of Rogues, with three Midnight Clock and four Ox of Agonas between the main deck and sideboard. I’m not entirely sure that this fear is founded, as Rogues seems to be struggling at this early stage of the metagame.




Miscast replaces Negate, which you can’t play for companion purposes but you still need some cheap way to interact with a removal spell targeting Goldspan Dragon the turn it’s coming into play and attacking.



I’m personally higher on Sultai, since I believe Emergent Ultimatum to be much better than Genesis Ultimatum, but it’s certainly nice to see some deck diversity in these early Top 8s. 


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