Deck Highlight: Standard Naya Runes


Standard Naya Runes by Charles Vella


If you thought Storm Combo was only for Historic, wait until you see this deck in action. Here’s how it works:


Runeforge ChampionTranscendent Envoy


Runeforge Champion and Transcendent Envoy combine to make all of your Runes free to cast (note that even having one or the other can make for some highly explosive turns). Each Rune draws you a card, meaning you can chain them together indefinitely, starting with the Rune you searched up with the Champion. As you churn through your deck, you can make an enormous creature with haste, lifelink and trample.


All That GlittersSejiri Shelter // Sejiri GlacierAlseid of Life's BountySeasoned Hallowblade


There’s plenty of other great stuff going on along the way. Two copies of All That Glitters won’t be free to cast, but for the price of one white mana, you can turn a creature that’s merely “big” into one that’s decisively lethal with a single attack. Sejiri Shelter and Alseid of Life’s Bounty protect your investments while Seasoned Hallowblade provides a safe target for your Auras all on its own. 


Storm HeraldShowdown of the Skalds


Storm Herald is a particularly impressive card, which can let you immediately rebuild if your Runes don’t get the job done the first time. All of your Auras will return to the battlefield attached to a creature that might win the game immediately. Even if it doesn’t, the cards you draw upon the Runes entering the battlefield will set you up for the following turn. Two main deck copies give you access to this effect in a long game. Two more in the sideboard come in when the games are grindier. 

Finally, Showdown of the Skalds is great for both assembling your combo and for leveraging your chain of spells into overwhelming board presence.

If the combo synergies aren’t enough for you, the fallback is a deck with four Showdown, 22 creatures and a wealth of ways to support those creatures. You even get Jegantha, the Wellspring as a companion for free value. I think the intersection of explosive potential with a consistent back-up plan.

Strixhaven cards aren’t necessary, but a format shakeup is always a good time to revisit old brews. I’m interested in Rip Apart as a versatile sideboard card to deal with problematic cards like Drannith Magistrate.



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