Deck Highlight: Standard Mono-Red Ramp

Standard Mono-Red Ramp - Yusuke Kawachi

Mono-Red Ramp?  Don’t hear that every day.  This deck is in the market to play quick and easy copies of Ugin, The Spirit Dragon, and hope that’s good enough to win. Irencrag Feat will  allow the deck to play Ugin early, as well as cast large Shatterskull Smashings to control the board.  Solemn Simulcrum is another card that can help ramp, and Mazemind Tome and Ox of Agonas can be used for card advantage in longer games.

I would consider this to be a midrange deck, as I would for most ramp decks.  The deck has some good early game answers in Bonecrusher Giant and Shredded Sails, potentially.  The deck has the capability to dig with the Ox of Agonas as well as Valakut Awakening and the afforementioned Mazemind Tome, which is important in this kind of deck, because it’s important to be able to find very specific cards; in this case Ugin.

This llist came from Yusuke Kawachi, who poiloted the deck in the Week of Wings Entry Event Flight #1. It looks to have been played to a 4-2 record, which is certainly a decent result. The deck looks fun and unique to me and I look forward to trying it out.  I haven’t had much time to play it yet, since I was preparing for this weekend’s MPL play, but hope to soon.  Have fun and good luck!

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