Deck Highlight: Standard Grixis Control


Standard Grixis Control by Michiel Niesen


This is a Grixis Snow control deck from the CFB Pro Showdown, piloted Michiel Niesen, who was able to notch three wins with the deck before being eliminated. The deck is a control deck which seeks to leverage removal, counters and card advantage in combination with Narfi, Betrayer King to grind out the opponent.


Narfi, Betrayer King


Narfi is a card I’ve wanted to try since I saw him in the spoiler, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. Grixis Control is not an archetype that I’ve seen a ton of people exploring, but this looks like a decent place to start.

Speaking of which, the CFB Pro Showdown is a really fun tournament and a perfect place to cut your teeth if you’re looking to play some fun and competitive events. I like control decks, and it seems snow decks are getting more and more popular. Faceless Haven is turning Standard into a snow lover’s dream.


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