Deck Highlight: Standard Esper Control

For today’s deck highlight I picked this Esper Control deck by David Marroccoli, who had some nice runs with it in the Standard Challenges this weekend.

Esper Control - David Marroccoli


When you look closely, it is actually just Dimir Control splashing for Vanishing Verse, but perhaps that is the missing piece. Good thing about Verse is that it can even get rid of the manlands like Lair of the Hydra because it turns into a colored creature.

Another thing that is pretty clear to me is that David does not want many spells to actually resolve. 4 copies of Wash Away, which are basically upgraded Cancels, in addition to Jwari Disruptions and Syncopates make for a decent counter package.

Previously this kind of deck lacked a good finisher, but that problem is now solved with Hullbreaker Horror, which should also justify the 3 copies of Celestus to ramp into it. 4 sweepers and enough card selection from Memory Deluge and Siphon Insight is what holds everything together.

I like that this deck also has a lot of high impact cards in the sideboard, though I am not convinced about the 4 copies of Parasitic Grasp. I feel like you can probably replace some of them with Ray of Enfeeblement to have more cheaper cards and to be able to double spell more easily.

Overall, this deck seems solid, so if you are looking for a control deck that plays a couple of unexpected cards, you can give it a try.


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